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A firm must not apply the treatment in BIPRU 3.2.25 R to exposures giving rise to liabilities in the form of any of the following items:(1) in the case of a BIPRU firm, any tier one capital or tier two capital; and(2) in the case of any other undertaking, any item that would be tier one capital or tier two capital if the undertaking were a BIPRU firm.[Note: BCD Article 80(7), part]
(1) RRD applies to credit institutions and to investments firms with an initial capital requirement of €730,000. Together, these are referred to as RRD institutions in our rules.(2) It also applies to financial institutions, financial holding companies and mixed financial holding companies within the same group as these institutions that are subsidiaries of an EEA parent undertaking. An EEA parent undertaking is an institution, a financial holding company or a mixed financial
SUP 9.3.2GRP
The FCA5 may give individual guidance to a firm on its own initiative if it considers it appropriate to do so. For example:5(1) the FCA5 may consider that general guidance in the Handbook does not appropriately fit a firm's particular circumstances (which may be permanent or temporary) and therefore decide to give additional individual guidance to the firm;5(2) some of the FCA's5 requirements are expressed in general terms; however, there may be times when the FCA5 will wish to