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SUP 9.2.5GRP
The FCA will aim to respond quickly and fully to reasonable requests. The FCA will give high priority to enquiries about areas of genuine uncertainty or about difficulties in relating established requirements to innovative practices or products. What constitutes a 'reasonable request' is a matter for the FCA. It will depend on the nature of the request and on the resources of the firm or other person making it. The FCA will expect the person to have taken reasonable steps to research
SYSC 18.3.1RRP
(1) A firm must establish, implement and maintain appropriate and effective arrangements for the disclosure of reportable concerns by whistleblowers.(2) The arrangements in (1) must at least:(a) be able effectively to handle disclosures of reportable concerns including: (i) where the whistleblower has requested confidentiality or has chosen not to reveal their identity; and(ii) allowing for disclosures to be made through a range of communication methods; (b) ensure the effective
EG 13.11.2RP
1Paragraphs 13.12.2 to 13.13.1 contain information for insolvency practitioners and others about sending copies of petitions, notices and other documents to the FCA, and about making reports to the FCA. Insolvency practitioners and others have duties to give that information and those documents to the FCA under various sections in Part XXIV of the Act (Insolvency). Paragraphs 13.12.2 identifies the relevant sections of the Act that explain some of the duties.
REC 6.8.1GRP
The FCA1 has similar powers to supervise ROIEs1 to those it has to supervise UK RIEs1. It may (in addition to any other powers it might exercise):111(1) give directions to an ROIE1 under section 296 of the Act (Authority's power to give directions) if it has failed, or is likely to fail, to satisfy the recognition requirements or if it has failed to comply with any other obligation imposed by or under the Act; or1(2) revoke a recognition order under section 297 of the Act (Revoking
SUP 5.6.4GRP
2A firm may provide information that would otherwise be subject to a contractual or other requirement to keep it in confidence if it is provided for the purposes of anything required to be done in respect of the skilled person's collection or updating of information under section 166A (Appointment of skilled person to collect and update information) of the Act.
LR 14.3.6RRP
A company2 must forward to the FCA, for publication through the document viewing facility, two copies of:2(1) all circulars, notices, reports or other documents to which the listingrules apply, at the same time as any such documents are issued; and(2) all resolutions passed by the company other than resolutions concerning ordinary business at an annual general meeting, as soon as possible after the relevant general meeting.
EG 7.3.1RP
3The FCA's statement of policy on1 the imposition of financial penalties is set out in DEPP 6.2 (Deciding whether to take action)2 and DEPP 6.4 (Financial penalty or public censure). The FCA's statement of policy on1 the amount of a financial penalty is set out in DEPP 6.5 to DEPP 6.5D. The FCA's statement of policy on1 financial penalties for late submission of reports is set out in DEPP 6.6. The FCA’s statement of policy on1 the imposition of suspensions,2 restrictions,