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LR 3.4.6RRP
An applicant must keep, for six years after the admission to listing, a copy of the items set out in LR 3.3.6 R (1) to (6) and LR 3.3.6 R (9)1and must provide any of those documents to the FCA if requested to do so.1
COLL 4.5.12RRP
The authorised fund manager must ensure that the report of the auditor to the unitholders includes the following statements:33(1) whether, in the auditor's opinion, the accounts have been properly prepared in accordance with the IMA SORP, the rules in this sourcebook, and the instrument constituting the fund;1010(2) whether, in the auditor's opinion, the accounts give a true and fair view of the net revenue3and the net capital 3gains or losses on3the scheme property of the authorised
If a primary pooling event occurs, then4:(1) (a) in respect of a sub-pool,4 the following is treated as a single notional pool of client money for the beneficiaries of that pool:45(i) any client money held in a client bank account of the firm relating to that sub-pool; and5(ii) any client money held in a client transaction account of the firm relating to that sub-pool, except for client money held in a client transaction account at an authorised central counterparty3 or a clearing
MAR 5.10.2RRP
For an MTF to be eligible for registration as an SME growth market, the firm must have effective rules, systems and procedures which ensure that:(1) at least 50% of the issuers whose financial instruments are admitted to trading on the MTF are small and medium-sized enterprises at the time when the MTF is registered as an SME growth market, and in any calendar year thereafter;(2) appropriate criteria are set for initial and ongoing admission to trading of financial instruments
(1) Whenever a firmenters into or arranges an execution-only sale for an equity release transaction, it must make and maintain a record of:, (a) the required information provided by the customer which satisfies MCOB 8.6A.4R (2);(b) the information in durable medium in MCOB 8.6A.4R (3);(c) the confirmation by the customer in MCOB 8.6A.4R (4) (where applicable); and(d) any advice from the firm which the customer rejected, including the reasons why it was rejected, before deciding
COLL 6.13.2RRP
(1) An authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme or a UK UCITS management company of an EEA UCITS scheme must ensure, for each portfolio transaction relating to a scheme it manages, that a record of information which is sufficient to reconstruct the details of the order and the executed transaction is produced without delay.(2) The record referred to in (1) must include:(a) the name or other designation of the scheme and of the person acting on behalf of the scheme;(b) the details