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A depositary may delegate custody tasks in relation to UCITS custodial assets to an entity in a third country even though that entity does not satisfy the conditions in COLL 6.6B.25R(4)(b)(i) if: (1) the law of that third country requires those UCITS custodial assets to be held in custody by a local entity; (2) no local entity satisfies the conditions in COLL 6.6B.25R(4)(b)(i);(3) the depositary delegates its functions to such a local entity only: (a) to the extent required by
(1) This section assists in securing the statutory objective of protecting consumers through requirements which govern the payments out of scheme property and charges imposed on investors when buying or selling units.(2) The requirements clarify the nature of permitted charges and payments and ensure the disclosure for unitholders of any increases in charges and payments to the authorised fund manager.(3) The prospectus should make adequate provision for payments from an authorised
COLL 11.3.14GRP
(1) The appropriate manner and timescale of notification referred to in COLL 11.3.13R (2) and (3)(b) will depend on the nature and significance of the matter. Consequently, the authorised fund manager will need to assess each matter individually.(2) An appropriate manner of notification could include sending an immediate notification to the unitholders, or arranging for the information to be published on one or more websites where it is reasonable likely to be seen by investors.(3)
(1) An authorised fund manager must ensure that a prospectus of a qualified investor scheme is drawn up which contains the information, specified in COLL 8.3.4 R (Table: contents of qualified investor scheme prospectus), and the authorised fund manager must:(a) revise the prospectus immediately upon the occurrence of any materially significant change in the information required to be stated within it;(b) include the date of any revision in a prominent manner in the revised prospectus;22(c)