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Examples of the kind of particular considerations to which the FCA may have regard when assessing whether a firm will satisfy, and continue to satisfy, this threshold condition include, but are not limited to, whether:1515(1) the firm has been open and co-operative in all its dealings with the FCA15and any other regulatory body (see Principle 11 (Relations with regulators)) and is ready, willing and organised to comply with the requirements and standards under the regulatory system
EG 1.1.2RP
3In the areas set out below, the Act expressly requires the FCA to prepare and publish statements of policy or procedure on the exercise of its enforcement and investigation powers and in relation to the giving of statutory notices. (1) section 63C requires the FCA to publish a statement of its policy on the imposition, and amount, of financial penalties on persons that perform a controlled function without approval; (1-A) 1section 63ZD requires the FCA, among other things, to
A firm may not handle client money in accordance with the rules in this section unless each of the following conditions is satisfied:(1) the firm must have and maintain systems and controls which are adequate to ensure that the firm is able to monitor and manage its client money transactions and any credit risk arising from the operation of the trust arrangement and, if in accordance with CASS 5.4.2 R a firm complies with both the rules in CASS 5.3 and CASS 5.4, such systems and
SUP 5.4.9GRP
In appropriate circumstances, it may be cost effective for the FCA1 to nominate or approve the appointment of, or appoint itself,2 a skilled person who has previously acted for, or advised, the person in SUP 5.2.1 G or SUP 5.2.2 G.2 For example, the FCA1 may nominate or approve the appointment of, or appoint,2 the auditor of a person in SUP 5.2.1 G or SUP 5.2.2 G2 to prepare a report or collect or update the information2 taking into account, where relevant, the considerations
2For the purpose of DEPP 6.5 to DEPP 6.5D and DEPP 6.6.2 G, the term “firm” means firms, sponsors, primary information providers, recognised investment exchanges, qualifying parent undertakings, actuaries, auditors3 and those unauthorised persons who are not individuals.
DTR 7.1.3RRP
An issuer must ensure that, as a minimum, the relevant body must:(1) monitor the financial reporting process and submit recommendations or proposals to ensure its integrity4;(2) monitor the effectiveness of the issuer’s internal quality control4 and risk management systems and, where applicable, its internal audit, regarding the financial reporting of the issuer, without breaching its independence4; (3) monitor the statutory audit of the annual and consolidated financial statements,
SUP 4.5.7GRP
(1) Actuaries appointed under PRA rules made under section 340 of the Act, or for the purposes of PRA Rulebook: Solvency II firms: Conditions Governing Business, 6,6 are subject to regulations5 made by the Treasury under sections 342(5) and 343(5) of the Act (Information given by auditor or actuary to a regulator7). Section 343 and the regulations also apply to an actuary of an authorised person in his capacity as an actuary of a person with close links with the authorised person.47(2)
A UCITS investment firm7 must in particular take the necessary steps to ensure that the following conditions are satisfied:(1) the service provider must have the ability, capacity, and any authorisation required by law to perform the outsourced functions, services or activities reliably and professionally;(2) the service provider must carry out the outsourced services effectively, and to this end the firm must establish methods for assessing the standard of performance of the
SYSC 4.1.11GRP
Depending on the nature, scale and complexity of its business, it may be appropriate for a firm to form an audit committee. An audit committee could typically examine management's process for ensuring the appropriateness and effectiveness of systems and controls, examine the arrangements made by management to ensure compliance with requirements and standards under the regulatory system, oversee the functioning of the internal audit function (if applicable) and provide an interface
SUP 18.4.18GRP
The appropriate authority1 may require confirmation from the auditors of either friendly society involved in the transfer or amalgamation about the reasonableness of any part of the information in the statement. For instance such confirmation would normally be required if the financial information relates to a date more than six months previously.1
DEPP 2.5.18GRP
Some of the distinguishing features of notices given under enactments other than the Act are as follows: (1) [deleted]66(2) [deleted]66(3) Friendly Societies Act 1992, section 58A1: The warning notice and decision notice must set out the terms of the direction which the FCA6 proposes or has decided to give and any specification of when the friendly society is to comply with it. A decision notice given under section 58A(3) must give an indication of the society's right, given by
SUP 15.3.8GRP
Compliance with Principle 11 includes, but is not limited to, giving the FCA11 notice of:2929(1) any proposed restructuring, reorganisation or business expansion which could have a significant impact on the firm's risk profile or resources, including, but not limited to:(a) setting up a new undertaking within a firm'sgroup, or a new branch (whether in the United Kingdom or overseas); or (b) commencing the provision of cross border services into a new territory; or(c) commencing
(1) The authorised fund manager10 of an AUT or ACS10 must, upon any vacancy for the position of auditor for an AUT or ACS10, with the approval of the depositary,10 appoint as auditor for the AUT or ACS10 a person qualified for appointment as auditor of an authorised person.1010(2) The audit fees of the auditor are determined by the authorised fund manager10 with the approval of the depositary10.1010(3) The authorised fund manager of an AUT or ACS10 may, with the approval of the
BIPRU 7.10.14GRP
A visit will usually involve the appropriate regulator wishing to meet senior management and staff from the front office, financial control, risk management, operations, systems development, information technology and internal audit areas.
CASS 6.6.58GRP
Firms are reminded that the auditor of the firm has to confirm in the report submitted to the FCA under SUP 3.10 (Duties of auditors: notification and report on client assets) that the firm has maintained systems adequate to enable it to comply with the custody rules.
PR App 3.1.1EURP
1The following schedules and building blocks and tables of combinations are copied from the PD Regulation:6[Note: See transitional provisions in Regulation (EU) No 862/2012 and Regulation (EU) No 759/20137]ANNEX IMinimum Disclosure Requirements for the Share Registration Document (schedule)71.PERSONS RESPONSIBLE1.1.All persons responsible for the information given in the Registration Document and, as the case may be, for certain parts of it, with, in the latter case, an indication
This table belongs to COLL 8.3.2 R.1Document statusA statement that this document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date which shall be the date of the document.2Description of the authorised fundInformation detailing:(1)the name of the authorised fund;16(1A)its FCA product reference number (PRN);(2)that the authorised fund is either an ICVC, ACS11 or an AUT;(3)that the scheme is a qualified investor scheme;(4)where relevant, that the unitholders
(1) 5The authorised fund manager may transfer capital and income between an intermediate holding vehicle and the scheme by the use of inter-company debt if the purpose of this is for investment in immovables and repatriation of income generated by such investment. In using inter-company debt, the authorised fund manager should ensure the following:(a) a record of inter-company debt is kept in order to provide an accurate audit trail; and(b) interest paid out on the debt instruments