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6(1) Consistent with a firm's requirements to protect clients'safe custody assets and have adequate organisation arrangements in place (CASS 6.2.1 R and CASS 6.2.2 R), before a firm registers or records legal title to its own applicable asset in the same name as that in which legal title to a client'ssafe custody asset is registered or recorded under CASS 6.2.5 R, it should consider whether there are any means to avoid doing so.(2) Examples of where the conditions under CASS 6.2.5R
In considering the information communicated to the complainant and the complainant's information needs, the evidence to which a firm should have regard includes:(1) the complainant's individual circumstances at the time of the sale (for example, the firm should take into account any evidence of limited financial capability or understanding on the part of the complainant);(2) the complainant's objectives and intentions at the time of the sale;(3) whether, from a reasonable customer's
Except for MCOB 11.6.21A R, each2rule in MCOB that requires a record also sets out a period that the record must be kept for. While not a requirement of MCOB, firms may choose to keep records for longer periods, for example, where there is the possibility of customer complaint or legal action against the firm.
RCB 2.3.18GRP
(1) The FCA expects the report from the accountants to address at least the following matters:(a) that the level of over collateralisation meets the limits set out in the covered bond arrangements which are designed to ensure compliance with the requirement that the asset pool is capable of covering claims attaching to the bond in Regulation 17 (requirements on issuer in relation to the asset pool) of the RCB Regulations; and(b) that appropriate due diligence procedures (which
The following is a non-exhaustive list of examples of conduct that would be in breach of rule 1.(1) Misleading (or attempting to mislead) by act or omission:(a) a client; or(b) the firm for whom the person works (or its auditors); or(c) the FCA or;(d) the PRA.(2) Falsifying documents.(3) Misleading a client about:(a) the risks of an investment;(b) the charges or surrender penalties of products;(c) the likely performance of products by providing inappropriate projections of future
6A firm should consider carefully the terms of any agreement entered into with a third party under CASS 6.3.4A R. The following terms are examples of the issues that should be addressed in these agreements (where relevant):(1) that the title of the account in the third party's books and records indicates that any safe custody asset credited to it does not belong to the firm;(2) that the third party will hold or record a safe custody asset belonging to the firm'sclient separately
The rules in this section amplify the obligation in Principle 10 which requires a firm to arrange adequate protection for client's assets. Firms carrying on insurance mediation activities may hold, on a temporary or longer basis, client title documents such as policy documents (other than policy documents of no value) and also items of physical property if, for example, a firm arranges for a valuation. The rules are intended to ensure that firms make adequate arrangements for
CASS 10.2.2GRP
For the purpose of CASS 10.2.1R (4), examples of individuals within the firm who are critical or important to the performance of operational functions include:(1) those necessary to carry out both internal and external client money and safe custody asset reconciliations and record checks1; and(2) those in charge of client documentation for business involving client money and safe custody assets.
SYSC 4.6.28GRP
(1) This provision gives guidance on specific aspects of SYSC 4.6.16R and SYSC 4.6.18R.(2) A firm need only include summary details of the persons in SYSC 4.6.18R(1).(3) A branch’sSMF managers and members of its governing body or equivalent may overlap with its senior management and senior personnel. If so, the firm does not have to give the same details twice.(4) A firm should include details of individuals in addition to those in SYSC 4.6.18R(1) if they are needed to make the