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Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).
5A person will not be subject to COCON to the extent that it would be contrary to the UK's obligations under a Single Market Directive or the auction regulation.
SYSC 4.6.20RRP
An EEA relevant authorised person may exclude from its management responsibilities map:(1) any information contained in its requisite details;(2) any information contained in any notice of changes to its requisite details under the EEA Passport Rights Regulations; and(3) any other information that has been supplied by the firm to the FCA or the PRA (including through the firm’sHome Statecompetent authority) if:(a) that information was supplied to the FCA or the PRA as a Host Statecompetent
Paragraphs 2C and 3B of Schedule 6 to the Act6 implements requirements of the Single Market Directives8, but the Act extends this condition to firms from outside the EEA and other firms which are outside the scope of the Single Market Directives.688
SYSC 5.2.24GRP
Under section 63E(7) of the Act, SYSC 5.2 does not apply to an arrangement which allows an employee to perform a function if the question of whether the employee is fit and proper to perform the function is reserved under any of the Single Market Directives or the auction regulation to an authority in a country or territory outside the United Kingdom.