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SUP 13.5.2AGRP
4SUP 13.5.2 R does not apply to13UK firms exercising an EEA right under the auction regulation7 as they have automatic passport rights on the basis of their Home State authorisation under 13the auction regulation. However, the information required by SUP 13.5.2-A R assists the FCA’s13 supervision of a UK firm's provision of a service in another EEA state under the auction regulation.71111
(1) 1Under section 192C of the Act (Power to direct qualifying parent undertaking), the FCA has the power to give a direction to the qualifying parent undertaking of a UK RIE if the general condition is satisfied.(2) For the purposes of section 192C of the Act, a parent undertaking of a UK RIE is a ‘qualifying parent undertaking’ if:(a) the parent undertaking is a body corporate which is incorporated in the United Kingdom, or has a place of business in the United Kingdom;(b) the