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3A firm must notify without delay the appropriate regulator of the decisions taken by its shareholders or members or owners including any approved higher maximum ratio.[Note: article 94(1)(g)(ii) of CRD]
A firm must notify the FCA14 immediately of any breach, or expected breach, of14 the main BIPRU firm Pillar 1 rules14.
REC 6.6.1GRP
An ROIE1 is required to notify the FCA1 of certain events and give information to it on a regular basis and when certain specified events occur. Section 295 of the Act (Notification: overseas investment exchanges and overseas clearing houses) requires each ROIE1 to provide the FCA1 with a report (at least once a year) which contains:111(1) a statement as to whether any events have occurred which are likely to affect the FCA's assessment of whether it is satisfied that the ROIE
REC 3.21.1RRP
Where a UK recognised body has evidence tending to suggest that any person has:(1) been carrying on any regulated activity in the United Kingdom in contravention of the general prohibition; or(2) been engaged in market abuse; or(3) committed a criminal offence under the Act or subordinate legislation made under the Act; or(4) committed a criminal offence under Part V of the Criminal Justice Act 1993 (Insider dealing); or(5) committed a criminal offence under the Money Laundering
REC 3.23.1RRP
Where a UK RIE2 decides to put a member into default, it must immediately give notice of that event, and give the following information to the FCA2, at the same time as that decision is communicated to that member or to any other member (or group or class of them) of that body: 22(1) the name of the member and (where relevant) the class of membership; (2) the reasons for that decision; and(3) the names of any other exchange,1clearing house or auction platform 1on which, to the
COBS 21.2.9GRP
In considering what action to take in response to written notification of a failure to meet the requirements of this section, the FCA2 will have regard to the extent to which the relevant circumstances are exceptional and temporary and to any other reasons for the failure.