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(1) For the purposes of article 23(1)(b) of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 918/2012 the FCA will convert the figure of EUR 0.50 into pounds sterling using the daily spot foreign exchange rate of Sterling to Euro of the Bank of England applicable at the end of the first business day of October 2012 rounded up to the nearest £0.01. The FCA will state this figure (the 'sterling figure') on its public website.(2) The rate will be calculated on the same basis at the end of
MAR 1.4.3GRP
5The following behaviour indicates that a person is acting in the normal exercise of their employment, profession or duties, if a person makes a disclosure of inside information:(1) to a government department, the Bank of England, the Competition Commission, the Takeover Panel or any other regulatory body or authority for the purposes of fulfilling a legal or regulatory obligation; or (2) otherwise to such a body in connection with the performance of the functions of that bod
REC 4.5.5GRP
Other than in exceptional circumstances, the FCA will consult with the Bank of England before exercising these powers.11
15A credit agreement is also an exempt agreement17 in the following cases:(1) if it is a borrower-lender agreement, the lender is a credit union and the rate of the total charge for credit (see CONC App 1) does not exceed 42.6 per cent provided that:38(a) the agreement is not an MCD regulated mortgage contract or an article 3(1)(b) credit agreement; or38(b) the agreement is an MCD regulated mortgage contract or an article 3(1)(b) credit agreement but:38(i) the agreement is of