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In the case of a BIPRU firm13 this section implements the third paragraph of article 95(2) of the EU CRR applying13 Article 34 of the Capital Adequacy Directive so far as that Article applies Article 123 of the Banking Consolidation Directive.1313
(1) This rule does not apply in respect of government and public securities.(2) Not more than 20% in value of the scheme property is to consist of deposits with a single body.(3) Not more than 10% in value of the scheme property is to consist of transferable securities or money-market instruments issued by any single body subject to COLL 5.6.23 R (Schemes replicating an index).(3A) The limit of 10% in (3) is raised to 25% in value of the scheme property in respect of covered bonds.9(4)
A debt security is a qualifying debt security if:(1) it qualifies for a credit quality step under the standardised approach to credit risk corresponding at least to investment grade; or(2) it has a PD which, because of the solvency of the issuer, is not higher than that of the debt securities referred to under (1) under the IRB approach; or(3) it is a debt security for which a credit assessment by a nominated ECAI is unavailable and which meets the following conditions:(a) it
This section also implements minimum EC standards for the composition of capital resources required to be held by a BIPRU firm. In particular it implements the third paragraph of article 95(2) of the EU CRR, applying16 Articles 56 – 61, Articles 63 – 64, Article 66 and Articles 120 – 122 of the Banking Consolidation Directive (2006/48/EC) and Articles 12 – 16, Article 17 (in part), Article 22(1)(c) (in part) and paragraphs 13 - 15 of Part B of Annex VII of the Capital Adequacy
SUP 15.3.11RRP
(1) A firm must notify the FCA11 of:2929(a) a significant breach of a rule (which includes a Principle, a Statement of Principle or a COCONrule)20; or2020(aa) a significant breach of any requirement imposed by the CCA or by regulations or an order made under the CCA (except if the breach is an offence, in which case (c) applies), but any notification under (aa) is required to be made only to the FCA; or 14(b) a breach of any requirement imposed by the Act or by regulations