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SUP 16.12.2GRP
(1) Principle 4 requires firms to maintain adequate financial resources. The Interim Prudential sourcebooks, BIPRU,37GENPRU and IFPRU37 set out the FCA's65 detailed capital adequacy requirements. By submitting regular data, firms enable the FCA65 to monitor their compliance with Principle 4 and their prudential requirements.8837888888888837(2) The data items submitted help the FCA65 analyse firms' financial and other conditions and performance and to understand their business.
BIPRU 13.6.40RRP
A firm'sEPE model must meet the operational requirements set out in BIPRU 13.6.41 R to BIPRU 13.6.66 R.[Note: BCD Annex III Part 6 point 16]
SYSC 12.1.13 R (2)(dA) requires the firm to ensure that the risk management processes and internal control mechanisms at the level of any UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group of which a firm is a member comply with the obligations set out in this section on a consolidated (or sub-consolidated) basis. In the appropriate regulator's view, the requirement to apply this section at group, parent undertaking and subsidiary undertaking levels (as provided for in SYSC 19A.3.1
A firm must convert its positions into its base currency in accordance with the procedures that apply for whichever of the other PRR charges is appropriate (see BIPRU 7.2.1R(3), BIPRU 7.3.1R(2), BIPRU 7.4.1R(3), BIPRU 7.5.19R(2), BIPRU 7.5.20R(3) and BIPRU 7.7.1R(3)).
(1) 7A UCITS scheme may invest in an approved money-market instrument if it is:(a) issued or guaranteed by any one of the following:(i) a central authority of an EEA State or, if the EEA State is a federal state, one of the members making up the federation;(ii) a regional or local authority of an EEA State;(iii) the Bank of England, the European Central Bank or a central bank of an EEA State;(iv) the European Union or the European Investment Bank;(v) a non-EEA State or, in the