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SUP 10C.12.1GRP
(1) SUP 10C.12 describes the regime for conditional and time-limited approvals.(2) In particular, SUP 10C.12 sets out the FCA's policies on giving approval under section 59 subject to conditions or for a limited period only, as required by section 63ZD of the Act (Statement of policy relating to conditional approval and variation).(3) The policies described in SUP 10C.12 also apply when the FCA is considering whether to give its consent to an application made to the PRA for approval.(4)
SUP 8.7.1GRP
Once the appropriate regulator1 has given a waiver, it may vary it with the firm's consent, or on the firm's application. If a firm wishes the appropriate regulator1 to vary a waiver, it should follow the procedures in SUP 8.3.3 D, giving reasons for the application. In a case where a waiver has been given to a number of firms (see SUP 8.3.10 G), if the appropriate regulator1wishes to vary such waivers with the consent of those firms, it will follow the procedures in SUP 8.3.10
GEN 2.2.25GRP
28Examples of rules being interpreted as cut back by GEN 2.2.23 R include the following:(1) [deleted]1212(2) SYSC 6.1.1 R requires a firm to maintain adequate policies and procedures to ensure compliance with its obligations under the regulatory system; SYSC 6.1.1 R should be interpreted:(a) as applied by the FCA in respect of a PRA-authorised person's compliance with regulatory obligations that are the responsibility of the FCA (for example, in respect of a bank maintaining policies
SUP 13A.3.7DRP
(1) A written notice from a Treaty firm under paragraph 5(2) of Schedule 4 to the Act must be: (a) addressed for the attention of the authorisations team in the PRA or FCA, as appropriate; and101010(b) delivered to the appropriate UK regulator10 by one of the methods in (2).10(2) The written notice may be delivered by:(a) post to either of the following addresses, as appropriate:1010(i) the address for notices to the FCA: The Financial Conduct Authority, 25 The North Colonnade,
SUP 8.5.1RRP
A firm which has applied for or has been granted a waiver must notify the appropriate regulator1 immediately if it becomes aware of any matter which could affect the continuing relevance or appropriateness of the application or the waiver.1
SUP 10C.16.6GRP
Failing to disclose relevant information to the FCA may be a criminal offence under section 398 of the Act.
SUP 10A.12.2GRP

Table: FCA-approved persons forms



Handbook requirement

the relevant Form A

The relevant online form on the FCA and PRA'sONA1system or the form in SUP 10A Annex 4D (See Note)


Application to perform controlled functions under the approved persons regime

SUP 10A.13.3 D

Form B

SUP 10A Annex 5R

Notice to withdraw an application to perform controlled functions under the approved persons regime

SUP 10A.13.19 R

Form C

SUP 10A Annex 6R

Notice of ceasing to perform controlled functions

SUP 10A.14.8 R

Form D

SUP 10A Annex 7R

Notification of changes in personal information or application details

SUP 10A.14.15 R

Form E

The relevant online form on the FCA and PRA'sONA1system or the form in SUP 10A Annex 8D (See Note)


Internal transfer of an approved person

SUP 10A.14.4 D

Note: The form in the SUP annex shown is to be used by credit unions, and by other firms only in the event of a failure of the information technology systems used by the FCA. See the relevant "Handbook requirement"

SUP 10A.16.1DRP
(1) This direction applies to an application under Form A or Form E.(2) Subject to (2A), an1 application by a firm other than a credit union must be made by submitting the Form online at using the form specified on the FCA's and PRA'sONA2system.12(2A) An application by a firm whose application for permission or whose Part 4A permission covers only credit-related regulated activities must be made using the form in SUP 10A Annex 4 or SUP 10A Annex 8 and must be submitted