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Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).
With the exception of this chapter and the insurance client money chapter, CASS does2 not apply to:2(1) an authorised professional firm with respect to its non-mainstream regulated activities; or(2) the Society.
SUP 15.1.1GRP
This chapter applies to every firm except that:(1) only SUP 15.10 applies to2 an ICVC or a UCITS qualifier; and3(2) SUP 15.3.22 D to SUP 15.3.25 D apply only to the Society.3
GEN 6.1.6RRP
The Society, managing agents and members' agents must not cause or permit any member, in the conduct of his insurance business at Lloyd's, to enter into, arrange, claim on or make a payment under a contract of insurance that is intended to have, or has or would have, the effect of indemnifying any person against all or part of a financial penalty.
2As well as potentially breaching the requirements in this section, misleading statements by a firm may involve a breach of Principle 7 (Communications with clients) or section Part 7 (Offences relating to financial services) of the Financial Services Act 2012, as well as giving rise to private law actions for misrepresentation.
SUP 16.12.9RRP
2The applicable data items referred to in SUP 16.12.4 R are set out according to type of firm in the table below.11The applicable reporting frequencies for submission of data items and periods referred to in SUP 16.12.4 R are set out in the table below and are calculated from a firm'saccounting reference date, unless indicated otherwise.The applicable due dates for submission referred to in SUP 16.12.4 R are set out in the table below. The due dates are the last day of the periods
LR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the listing rules are extracted from the Glossary.ActThe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission or admission to listing admission of securities to the official list .admission to tradingadmission of securities to trading on an RIE's market for listedsecurities.advertisement(as defined in the PD Regulation) announcements:(a)relating to a specific offer to the public of securities or to an admission to trading on a regulated