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For purchased corporate exposure receivables in respect of which a firm cannot demonstrate that its PD estimates meet the minimum IRB standards, the PDs for these exposures must be determined according to the following methods:(1) for senior claims on purchased corporate exposure receivables PD must be the firm's estimate of EL divided by LGD for these receivables;(2) for subordinated claims on purchased corporate exposure receivables PD must be the firm's estimate of EL; and1(3)
DISP App 3.1.1GRP
(1) 1This appendix sets out how a firm should handle complaints relating to the sale of a payment protection contract by the firm which express dissatisfaction about the sale, or matters related to the sale, including where there is a rejection of claims on the grounds of ineligibility or exclusion (but not matters unrelated to the sale, such as delays in claims handling).(2) It relates to the sale of any payment protection contract whenever the sale took place and irrespective
RCB 3.5.6DRP
The issuer or the owner, as the case may be, must notify the FCA immediately, in writing by e-mail or hand-delivered letter, if Regulation 18(2), or 24(1)(c) of the RCB Regulations (obligation to inform FCA if asset pool not capable, or not likely to be capable of covering claims) is triggered.
Any breach in the duty of a firm or of its agents under the regulatory system or civil law can give rise to claims being made against the firm. Professional indemnity insurance has an important role to play in helping to finance such claims. In so doing, this chapter amplifies threshold condition 4 (Adequate resources). This threshold condition provides that a firm must have, on a continuing basis, resources that are, in the opinion of the appropriate regulator, adequate in relation
10The second element of a management expenses levy is a specific costs levy for the "specific costs" of running the compensation scheme in a financial year. These costs are attributable to a class, and include the salary costs of certain staff of the FSCS and claims handling and legal and other professional fees. It also may include the cost of any insurance cover that FSCS secures against the risk of FSCS paying out claims above a given level in any particular class (but below
Each exposure must be assigned to one of the following exposure classes:(1) claims or contingent claims on central governments and central banks;(2) claims or contingent claims on institutions;(3) claims or contingent claims on corporates;(4) retail claims or contingent retail claims;(5) equity claims;(6) securitisation positions; and(7) non credit-obligation assets.[Note: BCD Article 86(1)]
1Under BIPRU 4.4.45 R, a firm may calculate exposure values by calculating the amount expected to be claimed, instead of the maximum possible amount of the potential claim. The figure for the amount expected to be claimed should not be less than the current outstandings from time to time.
The value of the collateral must be the market value or mortgage lending value reduced as appropriate to reflect the results of the monitoring required under 2BIPRU 3.4.60 R (4)(b)2 and BIPRU 3.4.66 R and to take account of any prior claims on the property.[Note: BCD Annex VIII Part 3 point 65]