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COLL 6.9.11RRP
An ICVC must notify the FCA within 14 days of the occurrence of any of the following:(1) any amendment to the instrument of incorporation;(2) any change in the address of the head office of the ICVC;(3) any change of director;(4) any change of depositary;(5) in respect of any director or depositary, any change in the information mentioned in regulation 12(1)(b) or (c) of the OEIC Regulations (Applications for authorisation);(6) any change of the auditor of the ICVC;(7) any order
FIT 1.2.1GRP
Under section 61(1) of the Act (Determination of applications), the appropriate regulator may grant an application for approval made under section 60 (Applications for approval) only if it is satisfied that the candidate is fit and proper to perform the controlled function to which the application relates.
The FCA will not approve an RRD group financial support agreement unless:(1) in its opinion, none of the parties has infringed an RRD early intervention condition or is likely to infringe one of those conditions in the near future;(2) the agreement complies with the conditions for entering into an RRD group financial support agreement in IFPRU 11.5.9 R to IFPRU 11.5.12 R; and(3) the terms of the proposed agreement are consistent with the conditions for giving financial support
IFPRU 11.5.20RRP
An RRD group member may only give financial support using an RRD group financial support agreement if the FCA has:(1) agreed to the giving of the support with restrictions; or(2) agreed to the giving of the support without restrictions; or(3) not prohibited the support within five business days of receiving a notice of intention to give financial support.[Note: article 25(2) and (5) of RRD]
COLL 6.12.8GRP
UK UCITS management companies are advised that when they applied for authorisation from the FCA under the Act, their ability to comply with the requirements in COLL 6.12.7 R would have been assessed by the FCA as an aspect of their fitness and properness in determining whether the threshold conditions set out in Schedule 6 (Threshold conditions) of the Act were met. Firms are further advised that their compliance with these requirements is subject to review by the FCA on an ongoing
The complete list of all controlled functions is located in SUP 10.4.5 R. Guidance on those controlled functions most likely to be relevant to credit unions is provided below.
COLL 12.3.4RRP
(1) An EEA UCITS management company which applies to manage a UCITS scheme under paragraph 15A(1) of Schedule 3 to the Act must provide the FCA with the following documents:(a) the written agreement that has been entered into with the depositary of the scheme, as referred to in COLL 6.6.4 R (6) (General duties of the depositary);(b) information on any delegation arrangements it has made regarding the functions of investment management and administration, as referred to in Annex
(1) 6Under paragraph 15A(1) of Part II of Schedule 3 to the Act, an EEA UCITS management company intending to exercise an EEA right to provide collective portfolio management services for a UCITS scheme must, before it undertakes that activity, obtain the FCA's10 approval to manage that UCITS scheme. Firms should use the application form set out in SUP 13A Annex 3 R (EEA UCITS management companies: application for approval to manage a UCITS scheme established in the United Kingdom)
(1) Under section 55B(3) of the Act3, in giving or varying a Part 4A permission,3 imposing or varying any requirement or giving consent3, the FCA3 must ensure that the firm concerned will satisfy, and continue to satisfy, the FCA3threshold conditions in relation to all of the regulated activities for which it has or will have permission.(2) If, however, the applicant for permission is an incoming firm seeking top-up permission, or variation of top-up permission, under Part 4A3
Where the senior personnel of a full-scope UK AIFM will carry out a FCA8governing function and the firm has applied for the FCA's approval under section 59 of the Act, this will be considered sufficient to comply with SYSC 4.2.7 R.88
(1) The FCA3 will determine a figure which will be based on a percentage of an individual’s “relevant income”. “Relevant income” will be the gross amount of all benefits received by the individual from the employment in connection with which the breach occurred (the “relevant employment”), and for the period of the breach. In determining an individual’s relevant income, “benefits” includes, but is not limited to, salary, bonus, pension contributions, share options and share schemes;
LR 1.1.1RRP
1LR applies as follows:(1) all of LR (other than LR 8.3, LR 8.4, LR 8.6 and LR 8.7) applies to an issuer; and(2) LR 1, LR 8.1, LR 8.3, LR 8.4, LR 8.6 and LR 8.7 apply to a sponsor and a person applying for approval as a sponsor.Note: when exercising its functions under Part VI of the Act, the FCA may use the name: the UK Listing Authority.Other relevant parts of HandbookNote: Other parts of the Handbook that may also be relevant to issuers or sponsors include DTR (the Disclosure
1This manual (DEPP) is relevant to firms, approved persons and other persons, whether or not they are regulated by the FCA.5 It sets out:5(1) the FCA's5 decision-making procedure for giving statutory notices. These are warning notices, decision notices and supervisory notices (DEPP 1.2 to DEPP 5);5(1A) the FCA's decision-making procedure in cases where the PRA is required to seek the FCA's consent before approving an application (a) for Part 4A permission; (b) for the variation
SUP 12.6.9GRP
Firms should be aware that, under the approved persons regime, the firm is responsible for submitting applications to the FCA for the approval as an approved person of:(1) any individual who performs a controlled function and who is an appointed representative; and(2) any person who performs a controlled function under an arrangement entered into by any of the firm'sappointed representatives.Applications for approval should be submitted as early as possible since a person may