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COBS 16.2.1RRP
(1) If a firm has carried out an order in the course of its designated investment business on behalf of a client, it must:(a) promptly provide the client, in a durable medium, with the essential information concerning the execution of the order;(b) in the case of a retail client, send the client a notice in a durable medium confirming the execution of the order and such of the trade confirmation information (COBS 16 Annex 1R) 2as is applicable: (i) as soon as possible and no later
COBS 16.2.3RRP
For the purposes of calculating the unit price in the trade confirmation information, where the order is executed in tranches, the firm may supply the client with information about the price of each tranche or the average price. If the average price is provided, the firm must supply the retail client with information about the price of each tranche upon request. [Note: article 40(4) of the MiFID implementing Directive]
1In determining what is essential information, a firm should consider including:(1) for transactions in a derivative:(a) the maturity, delivery or expiry date of the derivative;(b) in the case of an option, a reference to the last exercise date, whether it can be exercised before maturity and the strike price;(c) if the transaction closes out an open futures position, all essential details required in respect of each contract comprised in the open position and each contract by
COBS 16.2.4GRP
Where a firm executes an order in tranches, the firm may, where appropriate, indicate the trading time and the execution venue in a way that is consistent with this, such as, "multiple". In accordance with the client's best interests rule, a firm should provide additional information at the client's request.
COBS 16.2.5GRP
In accordance with COBS 2.4.9 R, a firm may dispatch a confirmation to an agent, other than the firm or an associate of the firm, nominated by the client in writing.
COBS 16.2.6RRP
In relation to business that is not MiFID or equivalent third country business, a firm need not despatch a confirmation if:(1) the firm has agreed with the client (in the case of a retail client, in writing and with the client's informed consent) that confirmations need not be supplied, either generally or in specified circumstances; or(2) the designated investment is a life policy, stakeholder pension scheme3 or a personal pension scheme (other than a SIPP); or(3) the designated
3A firm must, when dealing with any customer in payment difficulties: (1) make reasonable efforts to reach an agreement with a customer over the method of repaying any payment shortfall4 or sale shortfall, in the case of the former having regard to the desirability of agreeing with the customer an alternative to taking possession of the property;4(2) liaise, if the customer makes arrangements for this, with a third party source of advice regarding the payment shortfall4 or sale
MCOB 13.3.3GRP
The requirement in MCOB 13.3.1 R(2) for a written policy and procedures is intended to ensure that a firm has addressed the need for internal systems to deal fairly with any customer in financial difficulties. MCOB 13.3.1 R(2) does not oblige a firm to provide customers with a copy of the written policy and procedures. Nor, however, does it prevent a firm from providing customers with either these documents or a more customer-orientated version.
3In complying with MCOB 13.3.2AR(6):(1) a firm must consider whether, given the individual circumstances of the customer, it is appropriate to do one or more of the following in relation to the regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan with the agreement of the customer:(a) extend its term; or(b) change its type; or(c) defer payment of interest due on the regulated mortgage contract or of sums due under the home purchase plan (including, in either case, on any sale shortfall);
3A firm must make customers aware of the existence of any applicable Government schemes to assist borrowers in payment difficulties in relation to regulated mortgage contracts.
MCOB 13.3.10GRP
The record referred to in MCOB 13.3.9 R should contain, or provide reference to, matters such as:(1) the date of first communication with the customer after the account was identified as having a payment shortfall;44(2) in relation to correspondence issued to a customer with a payment shortfall4, the name and contact number of the employee dealing with that correspondence, where known;4(3) the basis for issuing tailored information in accordance with MCOB 13.7.1 R in relation
Where the regulated mortgage contract is for a business purpose or a high net worth mortgage customer3, a firm may choose to provide a business illustration or high net worth illustration (as applicable)3 (in compliance with MCOB 5.7.2 R) instead of complying with MCOB 5.6.
A business illustration or high net worth illustration3provided to a customer must:(1) use the headings and prescribed text in MCOB 5 Annex 1 (except as provided in MCOB 5.7) but need not follow the format;(2) include the content required by MCOB 5.6.3 R to MCOB 5.6.130 G (except MCOB 5.6.5 R, MCOB 5.6.101 R, MCOB 5.6.109 R to MCOB 5.6.112 G, MCOB 5.6.120 R and MCOB 5.6.121 R);1(3) use the key facts logo followed by the text 'about this [term used by the firm to describe the
(1) MCOB 5.7.2 R(1) means that firms do not have to follow the ordering of sections set down in MCOB 5.6, although they may choose to do so.(2) In accordance with MCOB 5.7.2 R(8) an example of an appropriate variation to the risk warning would be:'Your home may be repossessed if you are unable to fulfil the terms of this secured overdraft'.(3) A firm may also choose to include other information beyond that required by MCOB 5.6. However, when adding additional material a firm should
Any business illustration or high net worth illustration3provided by a firm must be limited to facilities provided under a regulated mortgage contract.
(1) When providing a business illustration or high net worth illustration3in accordance with MCOB 5.7.2 R a firm should describe facilities provided under the regulated mortgage contract that are not a loan within section 12 (Additional features) of the business illustration or high net worth illustration3.(2) In complying with (1), a firm should follow the requirements in MCOB 5.6.92 RMCOB 5.6.108 G where these are relevant. Where the facility is of a type not considered in MCOB
LR 8.3.1RRP
A1sponsor must in relation to a sponsor service:11(1) referred to in 3LR 8.2.1R (1) to (4), LR 8.2.1R (11), LR 8.2.1A R and, where relevant LR 8.2.1R (5)3, 1provide assurance to the FCA when required that the responsibilities of the company with or applying for a premium listing of its equity shares3 under the listing rules have been met;3(1A) 3provide to the FCA any explanation or confirmation in such form and within such time limit as the FCA reasonably requires for the purposes
LR 8.3.1ARRP
3A sponsor must, for so long as it provides a sponsor service:(1) take such reasonable steps as are sufficient to ensure that any communication or information it provides to the FCA in carrying out the sponsor service is, to the best of its knowledge and belief, accurate and complete in all material respects; and(2) as soon as possible provide to the FCA any information of which it becomes aware that materially affects the accuracy or completeness of information it has previously
LR 8.3.1BGRP
3Where a sponsor provides information to the FCA which is or is based on information it has received from a third party, in assessing whether a sponsor has complied with its obligations in LR 8.3.1AR (1) the FCA will have regard, amongst other things, to whether a sponsor has appropriately used its own knowledge, judgment and expertise to review and challenge the information provided by the third party.
LR 8.3.2AGRP
3A sponsor remains responsible for complying with LR 8.3 even where a sponsor relies on the company with or applying for a premium listing of its equity shares or a third party when providing an assurance or confirmation to the FCA.
LR 8.3.15GRP
6If a listed company or applicant appoints more than one sponsor to provide a sponsor service, the FCA expects the sponsors to co-operate with each other in relation to the sponsor service, including by establishing arrangements for the sharing of information as appropriate having regard to the sponsor service.
SUP 18.4.1GRP
It is for the committee of management of a friendly society to decide whether to recommend an amalgamation or a transfer of engagements to the society's members. This section provides some guidance on the procedures to be followed and the information to be provided to a friendly society's members so that they are appropriately informed before they exercise their right to vote on the proposals.
SUP 18.4.13GRP
Schedule 15 to the Friendly Societies Act 1992 requires a statement to be sent to every member of a friendly society entitled to vote on a transfer or amalgamation. Among other matters this statement has to cover the financial position of the friendly society and every other participant in the transfer or amalgamation. The members should be provided with sufficient financial information about the respective financial positions of the participants to gain an understanding of the
SUP 18.4.14GRP
The financial information provided under SUP 18.4.13 G would normally contain comparative statements of balance sheets at the same date, and include main investments, reserves and funds or technical provisions, with details of the number of members of each participant as at the balance sheet date and the premium income of the relevant fund of each participant during the financial year to which the balance sheet relates. SUP 18.4.15 G to SUP 18.4.18 G give further guidance on the
SUP 18.4.15GRP
If the information relates to a position some time in the past, the information should state that there has been no significant change or include a clear description of the changes. Differences in accounting policies and reporting requirements could lead to the loss of some comparability between participants. Such differences and their estimated financial effects (if any) should be explained.
SUP 18.4.16GRP
The information should state whether any of the participants has any significant future capital commitments. The appropriate authority2 will require it to state that the transfer of engagements or amalgamation will not conflict with any contractual commitment by a society, any subsidiary or any body jointly controlled by it and others.2
SUP 18.4.21GRP
The statement should be clearly separate from other information sent to members. It has to be approved by the appropriate authority2 and if it is not in a self-contained document, the approved element should appear in a separate section.2
MCOB 2.2.6 (Clear, fair and not misleading communication) applies to information provided to a customer by a firm in accordance with this chapter.
A firm must provide all of the information required by this chapter in a durable medium.
The information required by this chapter, MCOB 7, may be provided in more than one document, provided the use of several documents does not materially diminish the significance of any information the firm is required to give the customer, or the ease with which this can be understood.
Prior to the conclusion of an initial contract of insurance and, if necessary, on its amendment or renewal, a firm must provide the customer with at least:(1) its name and address;(2) the fact that it is included in the Financial Services Register and the means for verifying this;(3) whether it has a direct or indirect holding representing more than 10% of the voting rights or capital in a given insurance undertaking (that is not a pure reinsurer);(4) whether a given insurance
A firm whose contact with a customer is limited to effecting introductions (see PERG 5.6) need only provide its name and address and whether it is a member of the same group as the firm to which it makes the introduction.
(1) Prior to the conclusion of an initial contract of insurance (other than a connected travel insurance contract)2 and, if necessary, on its amendment or renewal, a firm must tell the customer whether:(a) it gives advice on the basis of a fair analysis of the market; or(b) it is under a contractual obligation to conduct insurance mediation business exclusively with one or more insurance undertakings; or(c) it is not under a contractual obligation to conduct insurance mediation
(1) All information to be provided to a customer in accordance with this chapter must be communicated:(a) on paper or on any other durable medium available and accessible to the customer;(b) in a clear and accurate manner, comprehensible to the customer; and(c) in an official language of the State of the commitment or in any other language agreed by the parties.(2) The information may be provided orally where the customer requests it, or where immediate cover is necessary. (3)
REC 3.26.3GRP
1Under section 300B(3) of the Act, the FCA4may also by rules under section 293: 4(1) 1make provision as to the form and contents of the notice required, and(2) 1require the UK recognised body to provide such information relating to the proposal as may be specified in the rules or as the FCA4may reasonably require.4
REC 3.26.6GRP
1In determining whether a UK RIE3has provided sufficient supporting information, the FCA4may have regard to the extent to which the information includes:44(1) 1clearly expressed reasons for the proposed regulatory provision; and(2) 1an appropriately detailed assessment of the likely costs and benefits of the proposed regulatory provision.
REC 3.26.7RRP
1A UK RIE3must provide such additional information in connection with a notice under section 300B(1) of the Act as the FCA4may reasonably require.344
REC 3.26.9GRP
1The FCA4expects that an advanced draft of any consultation document a UK RIE3intends to publish in connection with a proposed regulatory provision could provide some or all of the information described in REC 3.26.5 R.3434
(1) As soon as a SRB agreement provider agrees the key terms of a proposed regulated sale and rent back agreement with a SRB agreement seller and before he becomes contractually committed to enter into the agreement, the SRB agreement provider must provide the seller with a written pre-offer document summarising its key terms (Stage One).(2) The written pre-offer document must be in the form prescribed by MCOB 6 Annex 2 R and must be adapted by the firm, as appropriate, to the
As soon as a SRB agreement provider has provided the written pre-offer document at Stage One to a SRB agreement seller who is in arrears under his regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan on the property to which the proposed regulated sale and rent back agreement relates, it must, in a durable medium, immediately notify the mortgage lender, home purchase provider or the providers of other loans that may be secured on the property:(1) explaining that the firm is proposing
MCOB 6.9.10RRP
(1) No sooner than 14 days after the SRB agreement provider has supplied the SRB agreement seller with the written pre-offer at Stage One, the provider must provide him with a written offer document for signing (Stage Two), accompanied by any formal legal documentation that the parties will need to sign to give effect to the proposed regulated sale and rent back agreement.(2) The written offer document for signing (Stage Two) must be in the form prescribed by MCOB 6 Annex 3 R
MCOB 6.9.11RRP
The SRB agreement provider must keep a record of the written pre-offer document at Stage One and the written offer document for signing at Stage Two for a period of:(1) one year after the end of the fixed term of the tenancy under the regulated sale and rent back agreement; or(2) five years from the date of the disclosures and warnings, written offer documents and cooling-off period notices;whichever is the longer.
If the contract is concluded with a commercial customer by telephone, the information in this section may be provided immediately after conclusion.
In addition to the policy conditions, both general and special, a customer must, throughout the term of a pure protection contract, receive:(1) any change in the name of theinsurance undertaking, its legal form or the address of its head office and, where appropriate, of the agency or branch which concluded the contract; and(2) all the information marked ‘*’ in the table of information to be communicated before conclusion, in the event of a change in the policy conditions or amendment
MCOB 13.4.1RRP
If a customer falls into arrears on a regulated mortgage contract, a firm must as soon as possible, and in any event within 15 business days of becoming aware of that fact, provide the customer with the following in a durable medium:(1) the current Money Advice Service information sheet “Problems paying your mortgage”;33(2) a list of the due payments either missed or only paid in part;(3) the total sum of the payment shortfall4;4(4) the charges incurred as a result of the payment
MCOB 13.4.3GRP
(1) A firm may provide the information in MCOB 13.4.1 R (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) orally, for example by telephone, but must provide the information in a durable medium with a copy of the Money Advice Service3 information sheet “Problems3 paying your mortgage” 23within 15 business days of becoming aware of the customer's account falling into arrears.23(2) Where a firm provides the information in MCOB 13.4.1 R when a payment shortfall4 occurs but before the customer's account
MCOB 13.4.5RRP
Before commencing action for repossession, a firm must:(1) provide a written update of the information required by MCOB 13.4.1 R(2), (3), (4), (5) and (6);(2) ensure that the customer is informed of the need to contact the local authority to establish whether the customer is eligible for local authority housing after his property is repossessed; and(3) clearly state the action that will be taken with regard to repossession.
COLL 7.7.10RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme that is a merging UCITS or a receiving UCITS in a proposed UCITS merger must ensure that a document containing appropriate and accurate information on the merger is provided to the unitholders of that scheme so as to enable them to:(a) make an informed judgment about the impact of the proposal on their investment;(b) exercise their rights under regulation 12 (Right of redemption) of the UCITS Regulations 2011; and(c) where applicable,
COLL 7.7.11RRP
(1) The information document that must be provided to unitholders under COLL 7.7.10 R (Information to be given to unitholders) by the authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme must be written in a concise manner and in non-technical language.(2) In the case of a proposed cross-border UCITS merger, the authorised fund manager of the UCITS scheme, being either the merging UCITS or the receiving UCITS respectively, must explain in plain language any terms or procedures relating to
COLL 7.7.13RRP
(1) Where the merging UCITS is a UCITS scheme, the information document that its authorised fund manager must provide to its unitholders under COLL 7.7.10 R (3)(b) must also include:(a) details of any differences in the rights of unitholders of the merging UCITS before and after the proposed UCITS merger takes effect;(b) if the key investor information of the merging UCITS and the receiving UCITS show synthetic risk and reward indicators in different categories, or identify different
COLL 7.7.15GRP
(1) An authorised fund manager may add other information to that which is required by COLL 7.7.10 R2 to COLL 7.7.14 R if it considers that it is relevant in the context of the proposed UCITS merger. For example, it may be appropriate for the information provided in accordance with COLL 7.7.13 R (3)(a) to contain a recommendation by the respective authorised fund manager3 of an AUT or ACS3 or the directors of an ICVC as to the course of action the unitholders should take.23(2)
COLL 7.7.19RRP
The authorised fund manager of the merging UCITS and the receiving UCITS must provide the information required by COLL 7.7.10 R to COLL 7.7.14 R to unitholders in a durable medium.[Note: article 7 of the UCITS implementing Directive No 2]
(1) 1Before a GAP contract is concluded, a firm must give the customer the following information:(a) the total premium of the GAP contract, separate from any other prices;(b) the significant features and benefits, significant and unusual exclusions or limitations, and cross-references to the relevant policy document provisions; (c) whether or not the GAP contract is sold in connection with vehicle finance, that GAP contracts are sold by other distributors;(d) the duration of the
1A firm can conclude a GAP contract the day after providing the information in ICOBS 6A.1.4R to a customer if the customer:(1) initiates the conclusion of the GAP contract; and(2) consents to the firm concluding the GAP contract earlier than provided for in ICOBS 6A.1.6R, and confirms that they understand the restriction in ICOBS 6A.1.6R.
1Before concluding a GAP contract, a firm should have regard to the information needs of its customers and consider whether it would be in the customer’s interest to receive the information in ICOBS 6A.1.4R again, for example, if a long time has passed between providing the information and the conclusion of the contract.
(1) 1If a firm offers to enter into a home purchase plan with a customer, it must ensure that the customer is, or has been provided with an appropriate offer document in a durable medium which includes:(a) the period for which the offer is valid;(b) an explanation of the consequences that might arise from the customer not entering into the home purchase plan including details of any fees that the customer has paid which will not be refunded;(c) an explanation of when the customer
(1) A firm must communicate to a consumer2 the distance marketing information in a durable medium available and accessible to the consumer2 in good time before the consumer2 is bound by any distance contract or offer to enter into a home purchase plan.222(2) If the distance contract or offer has been concluded at the consumer's2 request using a means of distance communication2 which does not enable providing the information in accordance with (1) then it must be communicated no
The respondent must, by the end of eight weeks after its receipt of the complaint, send the complainant:(1) a 'final response', being a written response from the respondent which:3939(a) accepts the complaint and, where appropriate, offers redress or remedial action; or(b) offers redress or remedial action without accepting the complaint; or(c) rejects the complaint and gives reasons for doing so;and which:(d) encloses a copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service's standard explanatory
DISP 1.6.2 R does not apply if the complainant has already indicated in writing acceptance of a response by the respondent, provided that the response:28(1) informed the complainant how to pursue his complaint with the respondent if he remains dissatisfied; 28410(2) referred to the ultimate availability of the Financial Ombudsman Service if he remains dissatisfied with the respondent's response;28(3) enclosed a copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service standard explanatory leaflet;410(4)
28The information regarding the Financial Ombudsman Service required to be provided in responses sent under the complaints time limit rules (DISP 1.6.2 R and DISP 1.6.4 R)39 should be set out clearly, comprehensibly, in an easily accessible way and 410prominently within the text of those responses.39[Note: article 13 of the ADR Directive]410
(Subject to MCOB 7.7.5 R) a firm that enters into a regulated mortgage contract with a customer must provide the customer with the following information before the customer makes the first payment under that regulated mortgage contract:1(1) the amount of the first payment required;(2) the amount of the subsequent payment(s) if different from the first payment;(3) the method by which the payment will be collected (for example, by direct debit) and the date of collection of the
The information in MCOB 7.4.1 R must be provided to the customer in a single communication, except (4), (5) and (6) which may be provided separately.
(1) A firm must make and retain an adequate record of the information that it provides to each customer at the start of the regulated mortgage contract in accordance with this section.(2) The record required by (1) must be maintained for a year from the date that the information is provided to the customer.
(1) 1In relation to an instalment reversion plan, a firm must provide the customer with a statement at least once a year (or, in relation to the first statement, within the first 13 months of the plan term):(a) covering the instalment reversion plan and any tied product purchased through the firm; and(b) giving information of any other product purchased through the firm where the payments for those products are combined with amounts released under the instalment reversion plan.(2)
The reversion administrator and reversion provider may agree who will be responsible for producing and providing to the customer the statement and information required by this section.
The reversion administrator is solely responsible for producing and providing to the customer the information required by this section if the provider is an unauthorised reversion provider.
MCOB 13.6.3RRP
A firm must ensure that, as soon as possible after the sale of a repossessed property, if the proceeds of sale are less than the amount due under the regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan1, the customer is informed in a durable medium of:1(1) the sale shortfall; and(2) where relevant, the fact that the sale shortfall1may be pursued by another company (for example, a mortgage indemnity insurer).1
MCOB 13.6.4RRP
(1) If the decision is made to recover the sale shortfall,1 the firm must ensure that the customer is notified of this intention.1(2) The notification referred to in (1) must take place within five years of the date of the sale (if the regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan1is subject to Scottish law) or within six years (in all other cases).
MCOB 13.6.6RRP
A firm must ensure that, on the sale of a repossessed property, if the proceeds of sale are more than the amount due under the regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan1, reasonable steps are taken, as soon as possible after the sale, to inform the customer in a durable medium of the surplus and, subject to the rights of any subsequent mortgage or charge holders, to pay it to him.1
To the extent that a firm has provided the information required by this section to the appropriate regulator14 as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of this section.14
3The obligations of a firm to supply information as set out in FEES 4.4.1 R and FEES 4.4.2 R do not apply in respect of any of its payment services business.
3A firm4 must send to the FCA in writing the information required under FEES 4.4.7 D as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any event within two months, after the date specified as the valuation date in Part 4 of FEES 4 Annex 11.
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444