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SUP 6.3.15DRP
(1) A firm other than a credit union wishing to vary its Part IV permissionmust apply online at using the form specified on the FSA's ONA system.1414(2) A credit union wishing to vary its Part IV permission must apply using the form in SUP 6 Ann 5D and submit its application in the way set out in SUP 15.7.4 R to SUP 15.7.9 G (Form and method of notification).1414(3) Until the application has been determined, a firm which submits an application for variation of
Remuneration Code staff comprises categories of staff including senior management, risk takers, staff engaged in control functions and any employee receiving total remuneration that takes them into the same remuneration bracket as senior management and risk takers, whose professional activities have a material impact on the firm's risk profile.[Note: article 92(2) of CRD paragraph 23 of Annex V to the Banking Consolidation Directive]
SYSC 19A.3.55GRP
(1) Section 139A(9) of the Act enables the FSA to make rules that render void any provision of an agreement that contravenes specified prohibitions in the Remuneration Code, and that provide for the recovery of any payment made, or other property transferred, in pursuance of such a provision. SYSC 19A.3.53A R and1SYSC 19A.3.54 R (together with SYSC 19A Annex 1) are such rules1 and render1 void provisions of an agreement that contravene the specified prohibitions on guaranteed
SUP 11.4.2ARRP
1A non-directive firm4must notify the FSA of any of the following events concerning the firm:4(1) a person becoming controller of the firm; or44(2) an existing controller ceasing to be controller of the firm.444
CASS 5.5.61RRP
On the failure of a third party with which client money is held, a firm must notify the FSA:(1) as soon as it becomes aware, of the failure of any bank, other broker or settlement agent or other entity with which it has placed, or to which it has passed, client money; and(2) as soon as reasonably practical, whether it intends to make good any shortfall that has arisen or may arise and of the amounts involved.
CASS 5.5.76RRP
A firm must notify the FSA immediately if it is unable to, or does not, perform the calculation required by CASS 5.5.63 R (1)2.
CASS 5.5.77RRP
A firm must notify the FSA immediately it becomes aware that it may not be able to make good any shortfall identified by CASS 5.5.63 R (1)2 by the close of business on the day the calculation is performed and if applicable when the reconciliation is completed2.
1Section 301A(1) of chapter3 1A of Part XVIII of the Act places an obligation on a person who decides to acquire or increase control (see sections 301D and 301E of the Act) over a UK RIE3to notify the FSA, before making the acquisition3. Furthermore, those persons are required to obtain the FSA's approval before acquiring control 3or increasing the level of control held.33333
If a proposed acquirer 3has complied with the obligation to notify, the procedure the FSA will follow if it approves or does not approve of that person acquiring or increasing control 3is set out in sections3 301F and 301G 3of the Act.333
SUP 18.4.23GRP
Under the Friendly Societies Act 1992:(1) when the members of a transferor society have approved the transfer of its engagements by passing a special resolution and the transferee has approved the transfer (by passing a resolution where the transferee is a friendly society); or(2) when two or more societies have approved a proposed amalgamation by passing a special resolution;it, or they jointly, must then obtain confirmation by the FSA of the transfer. Notice of the application
LR 1.3.3RRP
An issuer must take reasonable care to ensure that any information it notifies to a RIS or makes available through the FSA is not misleading, false or deceptive and does not omit anything likely to affect the import of the information.
LR 8.5.1RRP
A listed company or applicant must ensure that1 the FSA is informed 1promptly of the name and contact details of any 2sponsor appointed in accordance with the listing rules (either by the listed company or applicant or by the sponsor itself)1.12
LR 8.5.2RRP
(1) A listed company or applicant must notify the FSA in writing immediately of the resignation or dismissal of any sponsor that it had appointed.(2) In the case of a dismissal, the reasons for the dismissal must be included in the notification.(3) The notification must be copied to the sponsor.
REC 5.2.14GRP

Information and supporting documentation (see REC 5.2.4 G).


Details of the applicant's constitution, structure and ownership, including its memorandum and articles of association (or similar or analogous documents ) and any agreements between the applicant, its owners or other persons relating to its constitution or governance (if not contained in the information listed in REC 5.2.3A G)1. An applicant for RAP status must provide details of the relationship between the governance arrangements in place for the UK RIE and the RAP.3


Details of all business to be conducted by the applicant, whether or not a regulated activity (if not contained in the information listed in REC 5.2.3A G)1.


Details of the facilities which the applicant plans to operate, including details of the trading platform or (for an RAP) auction platform,3 settlement arrangements, clearing services and custody services which it plans to supply. An applicant for RAP status must provide details on the relationship between the auction platform and any secondary market in emissions auction products4 which it operates or plans to operate.3



Copies of the last three annual reports and accounts and, for the current financial year, quarterly management accounts.


Details of its business plan for the first three years of operation as a UK recognised body (if not contained in the information listed in REC 5.2.3A G)1.


A full organisation chart and a list of the posts to be held by key individuals (with details of the duties and responsibilities) and the names of the persons proposed for these appointments when these names are available (if not contained in the information listed in REC 5.2.3A G)1.


Details of its auditors, bankers, solicitors and any persons providing corporate finance advice or similar services (such as reporting accountants) to the applicant.


Details of any relevant functions to be outsourced or delegated, with copies of relevant agreements.


Details of information technology systems and of arrangements for their supply, management, maintenance and upgrading, and security.


Details of all plans to minimise disruption to operation of its facilities in the event of the failure of its information technology systems.


Details of internal systems for financial control, arrangements for risk management and insurance arrangements to cover operational and other risks.


Details of its arrangements for managing any counterparty risks, including details of margining systems, guarantee funds and insurance arrangements.


Details of internal arrangements to safeguard confidential or privileged information and for handling conflicts of interest.


Details of arrangements for complying with the notification rules and other requirements to supply information to the FSA.


Details of the arrangements to be made for monitoring and enforcing compliance with its rules and with its clearing, settlement and default arrangements.


A summary of the legal due diligence carried out in relation to ascertaining the enforceability of its rules (including default rules)and arrangements for margin against any of its members based outside the United Kingdom, and the results and conclusions reached.


Details of the procedures to be followed for declaring a member in default, and for taking action after that event to close out positions, protect the interests of other members and enforce its default rules.


Details of membership selection criteria, rules and procedures, including (for an RAP) details of how the rules of the UK RIE will change in order to reflect RAP status.3


Details of arrangements for recording transactions effected by, or cleared through, its facilities.


Details of arrangements for detecting financial crime and market abuse , including arrangements for complying with money laundering law.


Details of criteria, rules and arrangements for selecting specified investments to be admitted to trading on (or cleared by) an RIE, or to be cleared by an RCH and, where relevant, details of how information regarding specified investments will be disseminated to users of its facilities.


Details of arrangements for cooperating with the FSA and other appropriate authorities, including draft memoranda of understanding or letters.


Details of the procedures and arrangements for making and amending rules, including arrangements for consulting on rule changes.


Details of disciplinary and appeal procedures, and of the arrangements for investigating complaints.

DTR 5.4.4RRP
A parent undertaking which wishes to make use of the exemption in relation to issuers subject to this chapter whose shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market must without delay, notify the following to the FSA:1(1) a list of the names of those management companies, investment firms or other entities, indicating the competent authorities that supervise them, but with no reference to the issuers concerned; and(2) a statement that, in the case of each such management company
DTR 5.4.5RRP
Where the parent undertaking intends to benefit from the exemptions only in relation to the financial instruments referred to in Article 13 of the TD, it shall (in relation to financial instruments giving an entitlement to acquire shares which are admitted to trading on a regulated market) notify to the FSA only the list referred to in paragraph (1) of DTR 5.4.4 R.[Note: article 10(3) of the TD implementing Directive]
DTR 5.4.11RRP
A parent undertaking of a third country undertaking must comply with the notification requirements in DTR 5.4.4 R (1) and DTR 5.4.5 R and in addition: (1) must make a statement that in respect of each management company or investment firm concerned, the parent undertaking complies with the conditions of independence set down in DTR 5.4.10 R; and (2) must1 be able to demonstrate to the FSA on request that the requirements of DTR 5.4.6 R are respected.[Note: article 23 of the TD
SUP 12.4.9GRP
(1) 1An appointed representative must not commence an insurance mediation activity until he is included on the Register as carrying on such activities (see SUP 12.5.2 G (3)). (2) If an appointed representative's scope of appointment is to include an insurance mediation activity, the principal must notify the FSA of the appointment before the appointed representative commences that activity (see SUP 12.7.1 R (1)). (3) As an exception, pre-notification is not required if the appointed
SUP 12.4.12GRP
(1) 8A tied agent that is an appointed representative may not start to act as a tied agent until it is included on the applicable register (section 39(1A) of the Act). If the tied agent is established in the UK, the register maintained by the FSA is the applicable register for these purposes. If the tied agent is established in another EEA State, it should consult section 39(1B) of the Act to determine the applicable register.(2) A UK MiFID investment firm that appoints an FSA
SUP 11.5.10GRP
When an event occurs (for example, a group restructuring or a merger) as a result of which: (1) more than one firm in a group would undergo a change in control; or(2) a single firm would experience more than one change in control;then, to avoid duplication of documentation, all the firms and their controllers or proposed controllers may discharge their respective obligations to notify the FSA by submitting a single section 178 notice5 containing one set of information.5
LR 5.3.1RRP
A request by an issuer for the listing of its securities to be suspended or cancelled must be in writing and must include:(1) the issuer's name;(2) details of the securities to which it relates and the RIEs on which they are traded;(3) a clear explanation of the background and reasons for the request;(4) the date on which the issuer requests the suspension or cancellation to take effect;(5) for a suspension, the time the issuer wants the suspension to take effect;(6) if relevant,
LR 5.3.7GRP
(1) If an issuer requests the FSA to suspend or cancel the listing of its securities, it may withdraw its request at any time before the suspension or cancellation takes effect. The withdrawal request should initially be made by telephone and then confirmed in writing as soon as possible, with an explanation of the reasons for the withdrawal.(2) Even if an issuer withdraws its request, the FSA may still suspend or cancel the listing of the securities if it considers it is necessary
DISP 1.11.5RRP
(1) A notification claiming exemption under DISP 1.1.12 R from the complaints reporting rules and the rules relating to the funding of the Financial Ombudsman Service must be given to the FSA by the Society on behalf of any member eligible for an exemption. (2) The Society must notify the FSA if the conditions relating to such an exemption no longer apply to a member who is exempt.
DISP 1.11.19GRP
The Society should give the FSA adequate notice of all proposed changes to the byelaws relating to the schemes referred to in DISP 1.11.13 R.
SUP 13.3.2AGRP
4If the UK firm is passporting under the Insurance Mediation Directive and the EEA State in which the UK firm is seeking to establish a branch has not notified the European Commission of its wish to be informed of the intention of persons to establish a branch in its territory in accordance with article 6(2) of that directive, SUP 13.3.2 G (2) and SUP 13.3.2 G (3) do not apply. Accordingly, the UK firm may establish the branch to which its notice of intention8 relates as soon
REC 3.7.1RRP
Where the auditors of a UK recognised body cease to act as such, that UK recognised body must immediately give the FSA notice of that event, and the following information:(1) whether the appointment of those auditors expired or was terminated;(2) the date on which they ceased to act; and(3) if it terminated, or decided not to renew, their appointment, its reasons for taking that action or decision.
REC 3.7.2RRP
Where a UK recognised body appoints new auditors, that body must immediately give the FSA notice of that event, and the following information:(1) the name and business address of those new auditors; and(2) the date of their appointment as auditors.
SUP 8.5.1RRP
A firm which has applied for or has been granted a waiver must notify the FSA immediately if it becomes aware of any matter which could affect the continuing relevance or appropriateness of the application or the waiver.
SUP 8.5.2GRP
Firms are also referred to SUP 15.6 (Inaccurate, false or misleading information). This requires, in SUP 15.6.4 R, a firm to notify the FSA if false, misleading, incomplete or inaccurate information has been provided. This would apply in relation to information provided in an application for a waiver.