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The provisions of the auction regulation referred to in REC 2A.4.1 G are directly applicable to an RAP and require it to, in summary:(1) only grant admission to bid to applicants that comply with the conditions set out in article 19 of the auction regulation, including the prerequisite that the applicants are eligible to bid in accordance with article 18 of the auction regulation;(2) require an applicant for admission to bid to ensure that its clients, and the clients of its clients,
The following factors may be relevant to determining the appropriate length of the period of suspension or restriction to be imposed on a person under the Act:(1) DeterrenceWhen determining the appropriate length of the period of suspension or restriction, the FSA will have regard to the principal purpose for which it imposes sanctions, namely to promote high standards of regulatory and/or market conduct by deterring persons who have committed breaches from committing further
SUP 15.10.4GRP
(1) Notification of suspicious transactions to the FSA requires sufficient indications (which may not be apparent until after the transaction has taken place) that the transaction might constitute market abuse. In particular a firm will need to be able to explain the basis for its suspicion when notifying the FSA (see SUP 15.10 R). Certain transactions by themselves may seem completely devoid of anything suspicious, but might deliver such indications of possible market abuse,
REC 6.6.2GRP
The following events are examples of events likely to affect an assessment of whether an overseas recognised body is continuing to satisfy the recognition requirements, or to have an effect on competition:(1) significant changes to any relevant law or regulation in its home territory, including laws or regulations:(a) governing exchanges or clearing houses;(b) designed to prevent insider dealing, market manipulation or other forms of market abuse or misconduct;(c) designed to
LR 1.4.1RRP
(1) If it appears to the FSA that there is, or there may be, a breach of the listing rules or the disclosure rules and transparency rules4 by an issuer with a premium listing4, the FSA may in writing require the issuer to appoint a sponsor to advise the issuer on the application of the listing rules, the disclosure rules and the transparency rules4.4(2) If required to do so under (1), an issuer must, as soon as practicable, appoint a sponsor to advise it on the application of

Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, paragraph 3


The [UK RIE] must ensure that the systems and controls used in the performance of its [relevant functions] are adequate, and appropriate for the scale and nature of its business.


Sub-paragraph (1) applies in particular to systems and controls concerning -


the transmission of information;


the assessment, mitigation and management of risks to the performance of the [UK RIE'srelevant functions];


the effecting and monitoring of transactions on the [UK RIE];


the technical operation of the [UK RIE], including contingency arrangements for disruption to its facilities;


the operation of the arrangements mentioned in paragraph 4(2)(d); and


(where relevant) the safeguarding and administration of assets belonging to users of the [UK RIE's] facilities.

LR 9.6.6RRP
Where the securities are subject to an underwriting agreement a listed company may, at its discretion and subject to DTR 2 (Disclosure and control of inside information by issuers), delay notifying a RIS as required by LR 9.6.4R (6) for up to two business days until the obligation by the underwriter to take or procure others to take securities is finally determined or lapses. In the case of an issue or offer of securities which is not underwritten, notification of the result must
DEPP 7.2.14GRP
When the FSA's investigator has exercised the compulsory interview power, at the outset of the interview the interviewee will be given an appropriate warning. The warning, amongst other things, must state that the interviewee is obliged to answer all questions put to them during the interview, including any put by the representative of the overseas regulator or EEA regulator2. It will also state that in criminal proceedings or proceedings for market abuse the FSA will not use
8In the circumstances provided for in GENPRU 2.2.79D R, a firm would purchase the instrument and, instead of cancelling it, the firm would hold the instrument for a temporary period. In that case a firm should have in place adequate policies to take into account any relevant regulations and rules, which include those relating to market abuse.
REC 2.6.28GRP
2In determining whether a UK RIE is ensuring that business conducted by means of its facilities is conducted in an orderly manner (and so as to afford proper protection to investors), the FSA may have regard to the extent to which the UK RIE's rules and procedures:(1) are consistent with the Code of Market Conduct (see MAR 1);(2) prohibit abusive trading practices or the deliberate reporting or publication of false information about trades; and(3) prohibit or prevent:(a) trades