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1All fees payable or any stated hourly rate under FEES 3 (Application, notification and vetting fees),2FEES 4 (Periodic fees) and FEES 7 (The CFEB levy) 2are stated net of VAT. Where VAT is applicable this must also be included.
DTR 1.5.1GRP
FEES 4 sets out the fees payable by an issuer to the FSA.11
FEES 6.3.22RRP
The FSCS may adjust the calculation of a participant firm's share of any levy to take proper account of:(1) any excess, not already taken into account, between previous levies of that type imposed in relation to previous periods and the relevant costs actually incurred in that period; or(2) participant firms that are exempt from the levy under FEES 6.2; or(3) amounts that the FSCS has not been able to recover from participant firms as a result of FEES 6.3.5 R ; or2(4) amounts
FEES 6.3.23RRP
If a participant firm's share of a levy or an additional administrative fee under FEES 6.7.4 R would be so small that, in the opinion of the FSCS, the costs of collection would be disproportionate to the amount payable, the FSCS may treat the participant firm as if its share of the levy or additional administrative fee amounted to zero.
CASS 5.5.17GRP
(1) As soon as commission becomes due to the firm (in accordance with CASS 5.5.16 R (1)) it must be treated as a remittance which must be withdrawn in accordance with CASS 5.5.16 R (2). 2The procedure required by CASS 5.5.16 R will also 2apply where moneyis 2due and payable 2to the firm in respect of fees due from clients (whether to the firm or other professionals).(2) Firms are reminded that money received in accordance with CASS 5.2 must not, except where a firm and an insurance
CASS 5.5.81GRP
(1) A firm which pays professional fees (for example to a loss adjuster or valuer) on behalf of a client may do so in accordance with CASS 5.5.80 R (2) where this is done on the instruction of or with the consent of the client.(2) When a firm wishes to transfer client money balances to a third party in the course of transferring its business to another firm, it should do so in compliance with CASS 5.5.80 R and a transferee firm will come under an obligation to treat any client
FEES 6.4.10GRP
Since a firm that becomes a participant firm in the course of a financial year of the compensation scheme will already be obtaining a discount in relation to the base costs levy through the modified fee provisions of FEES 4.2.6 R, no rule is necessary in COMP for discounts on the base costs levy.11
DISP App 1.2.4GRP
12In some cases other factors may be included in the overall calculation, for example, if mortgage arrangement fees were waived by agreement on the occasion of the endowment policy being taken out.
DISP App 1.3.4GRP
21Firms should make it clear that they will bear the costs of conversion if the rearrangement is made with the existing lender and to the equivalent repayment mortgage. If a complainant is not willing to rearrange with the existing lender, then the costs to be paid by the firm should normally be limited to those which would have been payable had the rearrangement been made with the existing lender and to the equivalent repayment mortgage. If it is not possible to rearrange with
PERG 4.5.14GRP
The information that the introducer must disclose to the borrower prior to making the introduction is, where relevant:(1) that he is a member of the same group as the person (N) to whom the borrower is introduced;(2) details of any payment which he will receive from N, by way of fee or commission, for introducing the borrower to N; and(3) an indication of any other reward or advantage arising out of his introducing to N.
(1) A firm must provide the FSA by the end of February each year (or, if the firm has become subject to the Financial Ombudsman Service part way through the financial year, by the date requested by the FSA) with a statement of the total amount of relevant business (measured in accordance with the appropriate tariff base(s)) which it conducted, as at or in the year to 31 December of the previous year as appropriate, in relation to the tariff base for each of the relevant industry
DISP 1.11.9GRP
Members will individually comply with this chapter if and only if all complaints by policyholders against members are dealt with under the Lloyd's complaints procedures. Accordingly, certain of the obligations under this chapter, for example the obligation to report on complaints received and the obligation to pay fees under the rules relating to the funding of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FEES 5), must be complied with by the Society on behalf of members. Managing agents
PR 3.1.3RRP
(1) The applicant must submit to the FSA by the date specified in paragraph (2):(a) the completed form A in final form;(b) the relevant fee; and(c) the other information referred to in PR 3.1.1 R in draft form.(2) The date referred to in paragraph (1) is:(a) at least 10 working days before the intended approval date of the prospectus; or(b) at least 20 working days before the intended approval date of the prospectus if the applicant does not have transferable securitiesadmission
The purpose of this chapter is to set out the requirements on firms to pay annual fees (through a general levy invoiced and collected by the FSA on behalf of FOS Ltd) and case fees (invoiced and collected directly by FOS Ltd) in order to fund the operation of the Financial Ombudsman Service.This Chapter4 also provides for unauthorised persons to pay case fees to FOS Ltd in respect of any relevant complaints which it handles.44
LR 8.7.6RRP
A sponsor must pay the annual fee set out in 1FEES 41 in order to remain on the list of sponsors.
The purpose of this chapter is to set out the requirements on firms and others to pay periodic fees and transaction reporting fees in certain circumstances.
LR 3.2.2RRP
An applicant for admission must apply to the FSA by:(1) submitting, in final form:(a) the documents described in LR 3.3 in the case of an application in respect of equity shares;44(b) the documents described in LR 3.4 in the case of an application in respect of debt securities or other securities;(c) the documents described in LR 3.5 in the case of a block listing;(2) submitting all additional documents, explanations and information as required by the FSA;(3) submitting verification
REC 1.1.3GRP
(1) The recognition requirements for UK recognised bodies and the MiFID implementing requirements2are set out, with guidance, in REC 2. The RAP recognition requirements (other than requirements under the auction regulation which are not reproduced in REC) are set out, with guidance, in REC 2A.3(2) The notification rules for UKrecognised bodies are set out in REC 3 together with guidance on those rules.(3) Guidance on the FSA's approach to the supervision of recognised bodies is
FEES 5 Annex 1 sets out the fee tariffs for each industry block. 15
SUP 6.3.22GRP
The fees payable for a firm applying for a variation of its part IV permission are set out in FEES 3.8