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Persons subject to enforcement action may be prepared to agree the amount of any financial penalty, or the length of any period of suspension or restriction,2 and other conditions which the FSA seeks to impose by way of such action. Such conditions might include, for example, the amount or mechanism for the payment of compensation to consumers. The FSA recognises the benefits of such agreements, in that they offer the potential for securing earlier redress or protection for consumers
1(1) In relation to the carrying on of designated investment business, a firm's categorisation of a client under the COBS client categorisation chapter (COBS 3) will be applicable for the purposes of Principles 6, 7, 8 and 9.33(2) The person to whom a firm gives basic advice on a stakeholder product will be a retail client for all purposes, including the purposes of Principles 6, 7, 8 and 9.433(3) In relation to carrying on activities other than designated investment business
The condition set out at PERG 2.6.11CG (6) is also intended to protect consumers. This provides that alternative debentures must be listed on an official list or traded on a regulated market or recognised investment exchange. This is because there is a risk that alternative debentures could lead to regulatory arbitrage (i.e. the risk that the exclusion from being classified as a collective investment scheme is exploited by instruments not intended to be excluded). Mandatory listing
The purpose of GENPRU 2.2.159R (7) is to ensure that all of the firm's assets are available to consumers ahead of subordinated creditors. The waiver should apply both before and during liquidation or administration.
This activity covers advice in the form of a recommendation given to a retail consumer. The recommendation must relate to a stakeholder product and certain conditions must be met. These conditions are based on the need for the adviser to make an assessment of the consumer's needs based on the answers that the consumer provides to a series of pre-scripted questions. A fuller description of the activity is given in PERG 2.7.14B G and explains what is meant by "retail customer".
MCOB 5.6.126GRP
(1) An amortisation table may be added to the end of the illustration after the information required by MCOB 5.6.124 R if the mortgage lender or mortgage intermediary wishes. A firm may find that this is particularly appropriate to illustrate certain types of regulated mortgage contract, for example, a regulated mortgage contract with more than one part.(2) The purpose of (1) is to permit a firm to add an amortisation table in accordance with the European Commission's 'Recommendation
SUP 18.2.5GRP
Under Principle 6, a firm must treat customers fairly (the scope of the Principle is not precisely consumers) and, under Principle 8, manage conflicts of interest fairly. A criterion for the FSA in considering a proposed scheme would be whether it appears that either Principle is not being followed. Transfers may have both positive and negative effects on individual consumers. In such circumstances it is for consumers to balance these effects and assess whether the proposed scheme