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7Where the authorised fund manager considers that the liquidity or negotiability of a transferable security might compromise the ability of the authorised fund manager to comply with its obligation to redeemunits at the request of any qualifying unitholder, it should assess the liquidity risk in accordance with CESR's UCITS eligible assets guidelines with respect to article 2(1) of the UCITS eligible assets Directive.
BIPRU 13.6.43RRP
(1) A firm's risk management policies must take account of market risk, liquidity risk, and legal and operational risk that can be associated with CCR.(2) The firm must not undertake business with a counterparty without assessing its creditworthiness and must take due account of settlement and pre-settlement credit risk.(3) These risks must be managed as comprehensively as practicable at the counterparty level (aggregating CCRexposures with other credit exposures) and at the firm-wide