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(1) 4This paragraph provides guidance on BIPRU 3.4.56A R.(2) For the purposes of BIPRU 3.4.56A R (2), a firm may use the FTSE UK gilt 10-year yield index which the Council of Mortgage Lenders makes available to its members.(3) If a firm offers a variable interest rate on a lifetime mortgage, it should calculate an average interest rate in a way which is consistent with the calculation of the discount rate.(4) To determine the projected number of years to maturity of the exposure,
(1) This section applies to the authorised fund manager and the depositary of a non-UCITS retail scheme and to an ICVC which is a non-UCITS retail scheme.(2) Where this section contains a reference to a rule in any of COLL 5.1 to COLL 5.5 , these rules and any rules to which they refer or any relevant guidance should be read as if any reference to a UCITS scheme is to a non-UCITS retail scheme.