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MAR 1.3.7CRP
For market makers and persons that may lawfully deal in qualifying investments or related investments on their own account, pursuing their legitimate business of such dealing (including entering into an agreement for the underwriting of an issue of financial instruments) will not in itself amount to market abuse (insider dealing). [Note: Recital 18 Market Abuse Directive]
LR 1.4.1RRP
(1) If it appears to the FSA that there is, or there may be, a breach of the listing rules by an issuer with a primary listing, the FSA may in writing require the issuer to appoint a sponsor to advise the issuer on the application of the listing rules.(2) If required to do so under paragraph (1), an issuer must, as soon as practicable, appoint a sponsor to advise it on the application of the listing rules.Note: LR 8.2 sets out the various circumstances in which an issuer must