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This chapter applies with respect to an offer made by a firm to a customer with a view to the firm:(1) entering into a home finance transaction;33(2) varying the terms of a home finance transaction3 entered into by the customer in any of the following ways:3(a) adding or removing a party;(b) making a further advance; or(c) switching all or part of the regulated mortgage contract from one interest rate to another;1(whether or not the customer agrees to enter into the home finance
It follows that whether or not any particular person may be carrying on a regulated mortgage activity 'by way of business' will depend on his individual circumstances. However, some typical examples where the applicable business test would be likely to be satisfied are where a person:(1) enters into one or more regulated mortgage contracts as lender in the expectation of receiving interest or another form of payment that would enable him to profit from his actions;(2) administers
But the exclusion applies only if the principal purpose of the publication or service is not:(1) to advise on securities or relevant investments or home finance transactions1: or1(2) to lead or enable persons:(a) to buy, sell, subscribe for or underwrite securities or relevant investments; or1(b) to enter as borrower into regulated mortgage contracts, or vary the terms of regulated mortgage contracts entered into by them 1as borrower on or after 31 October 2004; or111(c) 1to
A retail customer has no right to cancel a home finance transaction1 concluded with a firm but may have a right to cancel a distance contract concluded with a mortgage intermediaryor a home purchase intermediary1for the provision of his services. Whether a mortgage intermediary or a home purchase intermediary1 concludes a distance mortgage mediation contract or a distance home purchase mediation contract1 with a retail customer will depend on the circumstances. For example, an
(1) There are certain additional disclosure requirements laid down by the Distance Marketing Directive that will have to be provided by a mortgage intermediary and a home purchase intermediary4 to a retail customer prior to the conclusion of a distance mortgage mediation contract or a distance home purchase mediation contract4. The purpose of this section, MCOB 4.5, is to set out those additional requirements. MCOB 4.6 sets out the cancellation rights that apply in relation to
A person who is concerned to know whether his proposed activities may require authorisation will need to consider the following questions (these questions are a summary of the issues to be considered and have been reproduced, in slightly fuller form, in the flowchart in PERG 4.18):(1) will I be carrying on my activities by way of business (see PERG 4.3.3 G (The business test))?(2) if so, will my activities relate to regulated mortgage contracts (see PERG 4.4 (What is a regulated
(1) MCOB 6 amplifies Principle 6 and Principle 7. The purpose of MCOB 6 is to ensure that a customer receives a clear offer document to enable him to check the features and price of thehome finance transaction1 before he enters into it. The offer document should include an updated and suitably adapted illustration (for a regulated mortgage contract) or financial information statement (for a home purchase plan)1 so that the customer can compare it with the one1 he received before
(1) This chapter amplifies Principle 6 and Principle 7. 2(1A) 2This chapter requires information to be supplied to customers at the start of a2regulated mortgage contract to enable them to check that the regulated mortgage contract has been set up in accordance with their requirements and to notify them of the first and subsequent payments.2(2) Where a firm provides services to a customer in relation to a further advance, rate switch, or addition or removal of a party to a regulated
(1) MCOB 5 amplifies Principle 6 and Principle 7.1(2) The purpose of MCOB 5 is to ensure that, before a customer submits an application for a particular home finance transaction1, he is supplied with information that makes clear:1(a) (in relation to a regulated mortgage contract) its features, any linked deposits, any linked borrowing and any tied products; and11(b) the price that the customer will be required to pay under that home finance transaction, 1to enable the customer
(1) MCOB 6.1 to MCOB 6.6 (with the modifications stated in MCOB 9.5.2 R to MCOB 9.5.4 R) apply to an equity release provider where the home finance transaction is an equity release transaction, except that those provisions that by their nature are only relevant to regulated mortgage contracts do not apply to home reversion plans (see MCOB 9.1.2A G).3(2) The table in MCOB 9.5.2 R shows how the relevant rules and guidance in MCOB 6 must be modified by replacing the cross-references
(1) 3(a) MCOB 7.1 to MCOB 7.3, MCOB 7.5 and MCOB 7.6 (as modified by this section) apply to a firm where the home finance transaction is a lifetime mortgage.3(b) MCOB 7.1 to MCOB 7.3 (as modified by this section) apply to a firm where the home finance transaction is a home reversion plan, except that those provisions that by their nature are only relevant to regulated mortgage contracts do not apply to home reversion plans (see MCOB 9.1.2A G).3(2) The table in MCOB 9.6.2 R shows
SUP 12.5.6BGRP
4(1) The effect of SUP 12.5.6A R (1)(a) is that, in relation to designated investment business with private customers, appointed representatives are restricted to one principal.4(2) The effect of the rule prohibiting multiple principals for certain activities6 is that, in relation to home finance activities6, appointed representatives are restricted to having four6principals: one for regulated mortgage contracts other than lifetime mortgages,6 one for lifetime mortgages4, one
  1. (1)

    This rule applies to a firm which:

    1. (a)

      carries on:

      1. (i)

        insurance mediation activity; or

      2. (ii)

        home finance mediation activity1(or both); and

    1. (b)

      in relation to those activities, holds client money or other client assets;

but is not carrying on home financing1orhome finance administration1.

  1. (2)

    In calculating its capital resources, the firm must exclude any amount by which the aggregate amount of its subordinated loans and its redeemable preference shares exceeds the amount calculated as follows:

  2. four times (a - b - c);




    items 1 to 5 in the Table of items which are eligible to contribute to a firm's capital resources (see MIPRU 4.4.2 R)



    the firm's redeemable preference shares; and



    the amount of its intangible assets (but not goodwill until 14 January 2008 - see transitional provision 1).