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REC 2.10.3GRP
In determining whether a UK recognised body's measures are appropriate to reduce the extent to which its facilities can be used for a purpose connected with market abuse or financial crime, to facilitate their detection and to monitor their incidence, the FSA may have regard to:(1) whether the rules of the UK recognised body enable it to disclose any information to the FSA, or other appropriate bodies involved in the detection, prevention or pursuit of market abuse or financial
(1) Any directors of an ICVC other than the ACD must exercise reasonable care to ensure that the ACD undertakes the responsibilities allocated under COLL 6.6.3 R (1) (Functions of the authorised fund manager) in a competent manner and the ACD must give those directors the information and explanations they consider necessary for this purpose.(2) A director of an ICVC must not appoint an alternate director.(3) When there is no person acting as ACD, the directors of an ICVC have
(1) For the authorised fund manager's periodic charge or for payments out of scheme property to the investment adviser, the prospectus may permit a payment based on a comparison of one or more aspects of the scheme property or price in comparison with fluctuations in the value or price of property of any description or index or other factor designated for the purpose (a "performance fee").(2) Any performance fee should be specified in the appropriate manner in the prospectus and
REC 2.11.3GRP
In determining whether a UK recognised body has made satisfactory arrangements for the safeguarding and administration of assets belonging to the users of its facilities, the FSA may have regard to: (1) the level of protection which the arrangements provide against the risk of theft or other types or causes of loss;(2) whether the arrangements ensure that assets are only used or transferred in accordance with the instructions of the owner of those assets or in accordance with
MCOB 9.8.10RRP
If a customer requests, or agrees to, a change to a regulated lifetime mortgage contract (other than a change as described in MCOB 7.6.7 R to MCOB 7.6.27 R (as modified by MCOB 9)) that changes the amount paid to the customer under a drawdown mortgage, or the amount that the customer will owe under a roll-up of interest mortgage, or both, a firm must provide the customer with the following information, in a single communication, before the change takes effect:(1) the amount outstanding
In the case of OPS activity undertaken by an OPS firm, CASS applies with the following general modifications:(1) references to customer are to the OPS or welfare trust, whichever fits the case, in respect of which the OPS firm is acting or intends to act, and with or for the benefit of which the relevant activity is to be carried on; and(2) if an OPS firm is required by any rule in CASS to provide information to, or obtain consent from, a customer, that firm must ensure that the