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(1) The manager or the trustee (in accordance with their responsibilities as set out in the instrument constituting the scheme) must maintain a register of unitholders as a document in accordance with this rule.(2) The register must contain:(a) the name and address of each Unitholder (for joint Unitholders no more than four need to be registered);(b) the number of units (including fractions of a unit) of each class held by each unitholder; and(c) the date on which the Unitholder
COLL 8.5.15RRP
(1) A qualified investor scheme must have:(a) an annual accounting period;(b) a half-yearly accounting period; and(c) an accounting reference date;the details of which must be set out in the prospectus.(2) A qualified investor scheme must have an annual income allocation date, which must be within four months of the accounting reference date.(3) A qualified investor scheme may have an interim income allocation date and interim accounting periods and if it does, the interim income
In order to provide the unitholders with regular and relevant information about the progress of the authorised fund, the authorised fund manager must:(1) prepare a short report and a long report half-yearly and annually; (2) send the short report to all unitholders; and(3) make the long report available to unitholders on request.
(1) An annual long report on an authorised fund, other than a scheme which is an umbrella, must contain:(a) the fullaccounts for the annual accounting period which must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the IMA SORP;(b) the report of the authorised fund manager in accordance with COLL 4.5.9 R (Authorised fund manager's report);(c) the comparative table in accordance with COLL 4.5.10 R (Comparative table);(d) the report of the depositary in accordance with COLL
COLL 4.5.12RRP
The authorised fund manager must ensure that the report of the auditor to the unitholders must include a statement:(1) whether, in the auditor's opinion, the accounts have been properly prepared in accordance with the IMA SORP, the rules in this sourcebook, and the instrument constituting the scheme;(2) whether, in the auditor's opinion, the accounts give a true and fair view of the net incomeand the net gains or losses ofthe scheme property of the authorised fund (or, as the
MCOB 13.4.1RRP
If a customer falls into arrears on a regulated mortgage contract, a firm must as soon as possible, and in any event within 15 business days of becoming aware of that fact, provide the customer with the following in a durable medium:(1) the current FSA information sheet on mortgage arrears;(2) a list of the due payments either missed or only paid in part;(3) the total sum of the payment shortfall;(4) the charges incurred as a result of the payment shortfall;(5) the total outstanding
MCOB 13.4.3GRP
(1) A firm may provide the information in MCOB 13.4.1 R (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) orally, for example, by telephone, but must provide the information in a durable medium with a copy of the FSA information sheet on mortgage arrearswithin 15 business days of becoming aware of the customer's account falling into arrears.(2) Where a firm provides the information in MCOB 13.4.1 R when a payment shortfall occurs but before the customer's account falls into arrears, it need not repeat
MCOB 13.4.5RRP
Before commencing action for repossession, a firm must:(1) provide a written update of the information required by MCOB 13.4.1 R(2), (3), (4), (5) and (6);(2) ensure that the customer is informed of the need to contact the local authority to establish whether the customer is eligible for local authority housing after his property is repossessed; and(3) clearly state the action that will be taken with regard to repossession.
MCOB 13.6.3RRP
A firm must ensure that, as soon as possible after the sale of a repossessed property, if the proceeds of sale are less than the amount of the customer's debt, the customer is informed in a durable medium of:(1) the mortgage shortfall debt; and(2) where relevant, the fact that the mortgage shortfall debt may be pursued by another company (for example, a mortgage indemnity insurer).
MCOB 13.6.4RRP
(1) If the decision is made to recover the mortgage shortfall debt, the firm must ensure that the customer is notified of this intention.(2) The notification referred to in (1) must take place within five years of the date of the sale (if the regulated mortgage contract is subject to Scottish law) or within six years (in all other cases).
MCOB 13.6.6RRP
A firm must ensure that, on the sale of a repossessed property, if the proceeds of sale are more than the amount of the customer's debt, reasonable steps are taken, as soon as possible after the sale, to inform the customer in a durable medium of the surplus and, subject to the rights of any subsequent mortgage or charge holders, to pay it to him.
(Subject to MCOB 7.7.5 R) a firm that enters into a regulated mortgage contract with a customer must provide the customer with the following information before the customer makes the first payment under that regulated mortgage contract:1(1) the amount of the first payment required;(2) the amount of the subsequent payment(s) if different from the first payment;(3) the method by which the payment will be collected (for example, by direct debit) and the date of collection of the
The information in MCOB 7.4.1 R must be provided to the customer in a single communication, except (4), (5) and (6) which may be provided separately.
(1) A firm must make and retain an adequate record of the information that it provides to each customer at the start of the regulated mortgage contract in accordance with this section.(2) The record required by (1) must be maintained for a year from the date that the information is provided to the customer.
(1) The authorised fund manager must inform unitholders in an appropriate manner and timescale of any notifiable changes that are reasonably likely to affect, or have affected, the operation of the scheme.(2) A notifiable change is a change or event, other than a fundamental change under COLL 4.3.4 R or a significant change under COLL 4.3.6 R, which a unitholder must be made aware of unless the authorised fund manager concludes that the change is insignificant.
(1) The circumstances causing a notifiable change may or may not be within the control of the authorised fund manager.(2) For the purpose of COLL 4.3.8 R (Notifiable changes) a notifiable change might include:(a) a change of named investment manager where the authorised fund has been marketed on the basis of that individual's involvement;(b) a significant political event which impacts on the authorised fund or its operation;(c) a change to the time of the valuation point;(d) the
MCOB 12.4.3GRP
Firms are also subject to requirements on information provision and standards relating to arrears and repossessions (see MCOB 13 (Arrears and repossessions)).
Principle 6 (Customers' interests) requires that a firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly. This means, for example, that a firm should avoid selling practices that commit customers (or lead customers to believe that they are committed) to any regulated mortgage contract before they have been able to consider the illustration and offer document. One such practice might be to present a new customer with an illustration, offer document and
Principle 7 (Communications with clients) requires that a firm must pay due regard to the information needs of its clients, and communicate information to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading. This means, for example, that a firm should avoid giving any customer a false impression about the availability of a regulated mortgage contract, such as describing it as a 'special offer' not available after a certain date unless this is really the case.
(1) In relying on MCOB 2.5.2 R, a firm should take reasonable steps to establish that the other person providing the information is: (a) not connected with the firm; and(b) competent to provide the information.(2) Compliance with (1) may be relied on as tending to establish compliance with MCOB 2.5.2 R.(3) Contravention of (1) may be relied on as tending to establish contravention of MCOB 2.5.2 R.
(1) Any information which a rule in MCOB requires to be sent to a customer may be sent to another person on the instruction of the customer, so long as the recipient is not connected with the firm. (2) There is no need for a firm to send information to a customer where it has taken reasonable steps to establish that this has been or will be supplied by another person.
A firm must provide the FSA, twice a year, with a report in the format set out in DISP 1 Annex 1R which contains (for the relevant reporting period) information about:2(1) the total number of complaints subject to DISP 1.4 to DISP 1.6 received by the firm, broken down according to the categories and in respect of each of the generic product types described in DISP 1 Annex 1R which are relevant to the firm;2(2) the total number of complaints subject to DISP 1.4 - DISP 1.6 closed
For the purpose of DISP 1.5.4 R, upon completing the return, the firm should note that:33(1) Where a complaint could fall into more than one category, the complaint should be recorded in the category which the firm considers to form the main part of the complaint.(2) Where a complaint has been upheld under DISP 1.5.4 R (3)(a), a firm should report any complaints to which it has given a final response which accepts the complaint, and, where appropriate, offers redress, even if
For the purposes of DISP 1.5.4 R:(1) The relevant reporting periods are:33(a) the six months immediately following a firm's accounting reference date; and3(b) the six months immediately preceding a firm's accounting reference date.3(2) Reports are to be submitted to the FSA within 30 business days of the end of the relevant reporting period.33
A retail customer has no right to cancel a regulated mortgage contract concluded with a firm but may have a right to cancel a distance contract concluded with a mortgage intermediaryfor the provision of his services. Whether a mortgage intermediary or a home purchase intermediary concludes a distance mortgage mediation contractwith a retail customer will depend on the circumstances. For example, an intermediary may not, in advising on or arranging a regulated mortgage contract,
The information provided in accordance with MCOB 4 Annex 3(5) should be sufficiently clear, prominent and informative to enable the retail customer to understand the right to cancel.
A firm, A,4 must have in place and operate appropriate and effective internal complaint handling procedures (which must be written down) for:(1) handling any expression of dissatisfaction, whether oral or written, and whether justified or not, from or on behalf of an eligible complainant about A's4 provision of, or failure to provide, a financial service; and44(2) referring to another firm, B, expressions of dissatisfaction about B's services, if A markets (or has marketed) B's
MCOB 13.5.1RRP
Where an account is in arrears, and the payment shortfall or mortgage shortfall debt is attracting charges, a firm must provide the customer with a regular written statement (at least once a quarter) of the payments due, the actual payment shortfall, the charges incurred and the debt.
MCOB 13.5.2GRP
(1) For the purpose of MCOB 13.5.1 R, charges that trigger the requirement for regular statements include all charges and fees levied directly as a result of the account falling into arrears. This includes charges such as monthly administrative charges, legal fees and interest. If interest is applied to the amount of the arrears, as it is applied to the rest of the mortgage, a firm need not send a written statement, unless other charges are also being made. If interest is applied
If, notwithstanding the steps taken by a firm to comply with MCOB 1.6.3 R, it transpires that a mortgage which the firm has treated as unregulated is in fact a regulated mortgage contract, the firm must as soon as practicable after the correct status of the mortgage has been established:(1) contact the customer and provide him with the following information in a durable medium:(a) a statement that the mortgage contract is a regulated mortgage contract subject to FSA regulation,

This table belongs to COLL 7.3.3 G

Summary of the main steps in winding up a solvent ICVC or terminating a sub-fund under FSA rules, assuming FSA approval.

Notes: N = Notice to be given to the FSA under regulation 21 of OEIC Regulations

E = commencement of winding up or termination

W/U = winding up

FAP = final accounting period (COLL 7.3.8 R(4))

Step number



COLL rule (unless stated otherwise)


Commence preparation of solvency statement

N-28 days

7.3.5 (2)


Send audited solvency statement to the FSA with copy to depositary

By N + 21 days

7.3.5 (4) and (5)


Receive the FSA approval

N + one month

Regulation 21 of OEIC Regulations


Normal business ceases; publish notices




Realise proceeds, wind up, instruct depositary accordingly

ASAP after E



Prepare final account or termination account & have account audited

On completion of W/U or termination



Send final account or termination account and auditor's report to the FSA & unitholders

Within 2 months of FAP



Request FSA to revoke relevant authorisation order

On completion of W/U


COLL 7.3.10RRP
(1) The ACD need not (as would be required under COLL 4.5.13 R (Provision of short report)) send to each Unitholder a copy of any short report relating to an annual accounting period or half-yearly accounting period which began after commencement of winding up or termination, if the directors of the ICVC, after consulting the FSA, have reasonably determined that this is not required in the interest of unitholders. (2) Where (1) applies, a copy of the short or long report must