Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2011-04-29.


      1. 3(1) (except in PROF, LR28,51 EG 16 51 and REC) a person admitted to membership of the Society or any person by law entitled or bound to administer his affairs.
      1. (2)28 (in PROF, LR28 and EG 16 ) (as defined in section 325(2) of the Act (Authority's general duty)) (in relation to a profession) a person who is entitled to practise that profession and, in practising it, is subject to the rules of the relevant designated professional body, whether or not he is a member of that body.
      1. (3) 28(in REC) (in relation to a recognised body) a person who is entitled, under an arrangement or agreement between him and that body, to use that body's facilities.