Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2005-06-30.

approved security

      1. 413(1) (in COLL and CIS) a transferable security that is admitted to official listing in an EEA State or is traded on or under the rules of an eligible securities market (otherwise than by the specific permission of the market authority).
      1. (2) (in LLD and PRU 21 ) any of the following:
        1. (a) any security issued or guaranteed by, or the repayment of the principal of which, or the interest on which, is guaranteed by, and any loans to or deposits with, any government, public or local authority or nationalised industry or undertaking, which belongs to a Zone A country;
        1. (b) any loan to, or deposit with, an approved financial institution;
        1. (c) any debenture issued before 31 December 1994 by the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Limited or the Scottish Agricultural Securities Corporation Limited.