Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2019-01-03.

investment firm

      1. 124
        1. (1) any person150175 whose regular occupation or business is the provision of one or more investment services to third parties and/or the performance of one or more investment activities on a professional basis.
        [Note: article 4(1)(1) of MiFID]
        1. (2) (in REC) a MiFID investment firm, or a person who would be a MiFID investment firm if it had its head office in the EEA.
        1. (3) (in the definition of IDD ancillary insurance intermediary, and160 in IFPRU and BIPRU 12) has the meaning in article 4(1)(2) of the EU CRR. [Note: article 2(1)(4) of the IDD]160 143
        1. (4) (in GENPRU (except GENPRU 3) and BIPRU (except BIPRU 12) any of the following:
          1. (a) a firm in (3); and
          1. (b) a BIPRU firm.
        1. (5) (in SYSC 19A(IFPRU Remuneration Code)136) a firm in (3).
        1. (6) (in SYSC 19D (Dual-regulated firms Remuneration Code)) a firm in (3) that is a UK designated investment firm.136