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initial capital

      1. (1) [deleted]
      1. (2) [deleted]
      1. 128(3) [deleted]128
      1. (3A) 125(in IPRU(INV) 11 the166 amount of own funds referred to in article 26(1)(a) to (e) of the UK CRR166 and calculated in line with Part Two of those Regulations (Own funds).166

    [Note: article 28(1) of the CRD]166

      1. (4) [deleted]180166
      1. (5) [deleted]166
      1. (6) [deleted]180166
      1. (7) (in IPRU(INV) 13) the initial capital of a firm calculated in accordance with IPRU(INV) 13.1A.6R.
      1. (8) [deleted]180166166124
      1. (9) [deleted]180166124
      1. (10) (for a MIFIDPRU investment firm) the amount of own funds that is required for authorisation as a MIFIDPRU investment firm in accordance with MIFIDPRU 4.2.1R).180