Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2009-03-31.

Host State

      1. (1) (in LR and PR) as defined in Article 2.1(n) of the11 Prospectus Directive 11 ) the EEA State where an offer to the public is made or admission to trading is sought, when different from the Home State.7
      1. (2) (except in LR and PR and except in relation to MiFID11) the EEA State in which an EEA firm, a UK firm, or a Treaty firm is exercising an EEA right or Treaty right to establish a branch or provide cross border services.7
      1. (3) (in relation to MiFID) the EEA State, other than the Home State, in which an investment firm has a branch or performs investment services and/or activities or the EEA State in which a regulated market provides appropriate arrangements so as to facilitate access to trading on its system by remote members or participants established in that same EEA State.11

    [Note: article 4(1)(21) of MiFID]11