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government and public security

    (1)68 the investment, specified in article 78 of the Regulated Activities Order (Government and public securities), which is in summary: a loan stock, bond or other instrument creating or acknowledging indebtedness, issued by or on behalf of:

      1. (a) the government of the United Kingdom; or
      1. (b) the Scottish Administration; or
      1. (c) the Executive Committee of the Northern Ireland Assembly; or
      1. (d) the National Assembly of Wales; or
      1. (e) the government of any country or territory outside the United Kingdom; or
      1. (f) a local authority in the United Kingdom or elsewhere; or
      1. (g) a body the members of which comprise:
        1. (i) States including the United Kingdom or another EEA State; or
        1. (ii) bodies whose members comprise States including the United Kingdom or another EEA State; but excluding:
          1. (A) the instruments specified in article 77(2)(a) to (d) of the Regulated Activities Order;
          1. (B) any instrument creating or acknowledging indebtedness in respect of:
            1. (I) money received by the Director of Savings as deposits or otherwise in connection with the business of the National Savings Bank; or
            1. (II) money raised under the National Loans Act 1968 under the auspices of the Director of Savings or treated as so raised under section 11(3) of the National Debt Act 1972.4

    (2) (in COLL) in addition and to the extent it does not fall within (1), an investment which would have been within the definition of “government and public security” in the FCA Handbook[immediately before IP completion day72.68