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CBTL arranger

    179a person who in the course of their trade, business or profession, for remuneration which may take a pecuniary form or any other agreed form of financial consideration:

      1. (a) presents or offers CBTL credit agreements to CBTL consumers; or
      1. (b) assists CBTL consumers by undertaking preparatory work or other pre-contractual administration in respect of CBTL credit agreements other than as in (a); or
      1. (c) concludes CBTL credit agreements with CBTL consumers on behalf of the CBTL lender;

    and is not:

      1. (d) a CBTL lender; or
      1. (e) merely introducing, either directly or indirectly, a CBTL consumer to a CBTL lender or CBTL arranger.

    [Note: article 5 of the MCD Order]