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uncrystallised funds pension lump sum

    61has the meaning given by paragraph 4A of Schedule 29 to the Finance Act 2004 which, subject to the exceptions in the Finance Act 2004, includes a lump sum that:

      1. (a) is paid on or after 6 April 2015 in respect of a money purchase arrangement;
      1. (b) is paid when all or part of the member’s lifetime allowance is available;
      1. (c) is paid when the member has reached normal minimum pension age (or the ill-health condition is met);
      1. (d) is not a lump sum that, for the purposes of Part 9 of ITEPA 2003 (pension income), is treated by regulations under section 164(1)(f) and (2) of the Finance Act 2004 as a trivial commutation lump sum paid to the member; and
      1. (e) immediately before the member becomes entitled to it, the sums or assets that are to be used to provide it:
        1. (i) represent rights of the member under the scheme that are uncrystallised rights as defined by section 212(1) and (2) of the Finance Act 2004; and
        1. (ii) do not to any extent represent rights attributable to a disqualifying pension credit.