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regulated credit agreement

    123in accordance with article 60B of the Regulated Activities Order:240

      1. (a) in the case of an agreement entered into before 1 April 2014, a credit agreement:240
        1. (i) which was a regulated agreement within the meaning of section 189(1) of the CCA when the agreement was entered into; or240
        1. (ii) which was such a regulated agreement after being varied or supplemented by another agreement before 1 April 2014;240240
        and which would not be an exempt agreement pursuant to article 60C(2) of the Regulated Activities Order if it had been entered into on 21 March 2016; or240
      1. (b) in the case of an agreement entered into on or after 1 April 2014, a credit agreement which is not an exempt agreement under articles 60C to 60H of the Regulated Activities Order.240