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Financial Services Register

    154the public record, as required by section 347 of the Act (The public record), regulation 4 of the Payment Services Regulations (The register of certain payment service providers)84, regulation 4 of the Electronic Money Regulations84and article 8 of the MCD Order, of every:

      1. (a) authorised person
      1. (aa) authorised payment institution125;
      1. (ab) small payment institution;
      1. (aba) registered account information service provider;110
      1. (abb) person providing a service falling within paragraph 2(k)(i) to (iii) or paragraph (l) of Schedule 1 to the Payment Services Regulations, who has notified the FCA under regulation 38 or 39 of the Payment Services Regulations;110
      1. (ac) agent of an payment institution, a110 small payment institution or a registered account information service provider110;
      1. (aca) authorised electronic money institution125;
      1. (acb) small electronic money institution;
      1. (acc) agent of an authorised electronic money institution or small electronic money institution;
      1. (ad) credit union, municipal bank and the National Savings Bank where such persons provide a payment service; or issue electronic money;
      1. 84(ae) CBTL firm;
      1. (b) AUT;
      1. (c) ICVC;
      1. (ca) ACS;64
      1. (d) recognised scheme;
      1. (e) recognised investment exchange;
      1. (f) [deleted]
      1. (g) individual to whom a prohibition order relates;
      1. (h) approved person; and
      1. (i) person within such other class (if any) as the FCA may determine; except as provided by any transitional provisions.