Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2016-04-06.

electronic money issuer

      1. (1) 71151(except in DISP) any of the following persons when they issue electronic money:
        1. (a) authorised electronic money institutions;
        1. (b) small electronic money institutions;
        1. (c) EEA authorised electronic money institutions;
        1. (d) credit institutions;
        1. (e) the Post Office Limited;
        1. (f) the Bank of England, the European Central Bank and the national central banks of EEA States other than the United Kingdom, when not acting in their capacity as a monetary authority or other public authority;
        1. (g) government departments and local authorities when acting in their capacity as public authorities;
        1. (h) credit unions;
        1. (i) municipal banks;
        1. (j) the National Savings Bank.
        [Note: article 2(3) of the Electronic Money Directive]
      1. (2) (in DISP and FEES 5.5A)68152 as in (1) but:
        1. (a) excluding credit institutions, credit unions and municipal banks; and
        1. (b) including a person who meets the conditions set out in regulation 75(1) or regulation 76(1) of the Electronic Money Regulations.