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qualifying money market fund

      1. 1211(1) (in COLL ,14 CASS 7 and BSOCS14) a collective investment scheme authorised under the UCITS Directive or which is subject to supervision and, if applicable, authorised by an authority under the national law of an EEA State, and which satisfies the following conditions:
        1. (a) its primary investment objective must be to maintain the net asset value of the undertaking either constant at par (net of earnings), or at the value of the investors' initial capital plus earnings;
        1. (b) it must, with a view to achieving that primary investment objective, invest exclusively in high quality money market instruments with a maturity or residual maturity of no more than 397 days, or regular yield adjustments consistent with such a maturity, and with a weighted average maturity of no more than1360 days. It may also achieve this objective by investing on an ancillary basis in deposits with credit institutions;
        1. (c) it must provide liquidity through same day or next day settlement.
      1. (2) For the purposes of (1)(b), a money market instrument is to be considered to be of high quality if it has been awarded the highest available credit rating by each competent rating agency which has rated that instrument. An instrument that is not rated by any competent rating agency is not to be considered to be of high quality.
      1. (3) For the purposes of (2), a rating agency is to be considered to be competent if it issues credit ratings in respect of money market funds regularly and on a professional basis and is an eligible ECAI within the meaning of Article 81(1) of the BCD.

    [Note: article 18(2) of the MiFID implementing Directive]