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UK consolidation group

      1. 54
        1. (1) (for the purposes of SYSC as it applies to a CRR firm) the group of undertakings which are included in the consolidated situation of a parent institution in a Member State, an EEA parent institution, an EEA parent financial holding company or an EEA parent mixed financial holding company (including any undertaking which is included in that consolidation because of a consolidation article 12(1) relationship, article 18(5) relationship or article 18(6) relationship).
        1. (2) (for the purposes of BIPRU and SYSC as it applies to a BIPRU firm) has the meaning in BIPRU 8.2.4 R (Definition of UK consolidation group), which is in summary the group that is identified as a UK consolidation group in accordance with the decision tree in BIPRU 8 Annex 1 R (Decision tree identifying a UK consolidation group); in each case only persons included under BIPRU 8.5 (Basis of consolidation) are included in the UK consolidation group.