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repurchase transaction

      1. 130
        1. (in accordance with Article 3(1)(m) of the Capital Adequacy Directive and Article 4(33) of the Banking Consolidation Directive (Definitions) and for the purposes of BIPRU) any agreement in which an undertaking or its counterparty transfers securities or commodities or guaranteed rights relating to title to securities or commodities where that guarantee is issued by a designated investment exchange or recognised investment exchange which holds the rights to the securities or commodities and the agreement does not allow an undertaking to transfer or pledge a particular security or commodity to more than one counterparty at one time, subject to a commitment to repurchase them or substituted securities or commodities of the same description at a specified price on a future date specified, or to be specified, by the transferor, being a repurchase agreement for the undertaking selling the securities or commodities and a reverse repurchase agreement for the undertaking buying them.