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consumer credit activity

    26449any one of the following activities carried on by a licensee or firm :

      1. (a) providing credit or otherwise being a creditor under a regulated consumer credit agreement;
      1. (b) the bailment or (in Scotland) the hiring of goods or otherwise being an owner under a regulated consumer hire agreement;
      1. (c) credit brokerage in so far as it is the effecting of introductions of:
        1. (i) individuals desiring to obtain credit to persons carrying on a consumer credit business; or
        1. (ii) individuals desiring to obtain goods on hire to persons carrying on a consumer hire business;
      1. (d) in so far as they relate to regulated consumer credit agreements or regulated consumer hire agreements:
        1. (i) debt-adjusting;
        1. (ii) debt-counselling;
        1. (iii) debt-collecting; or
        1. (iv) debt administration;
      1. (e) the provision of credit information services; or
      1. (f) the operation of a credit reference agency;

    where at the time of the act or omission complained of:

      1. (g) the licensee or firm was:
        1. (i) covered by a standard licence under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended); or
        1. (ii) authorised to carry on an activity by virtue of section 34(A) of that Act; and
      1. (h) the activity was carried on in the course of a business of a type specified in accordance with section 226A(2)(e) of the Act:

    and expressions used in the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended) have the same meaning in this definition as they have in that Act.