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trading book

      1. 56
        1. 59(1) [deleted]59
        1. (2) (in BIPRU and GENPRU in relation to a BIPRU firm) has the meaning in BIPRU 1.2 (Definition of the trading book) which is in summary, all that firm's positions in CRD financial instruments and commodities held either with trading intent or in order to hedge other elements of the trading book, and which are either free of any restrictive covenants on their tradability or able to be hedged.
        1. (3) (in BIPRU and GENPRU and in relation to a person other than a BIPRU firm) has the meaning in (2) with references to a firm replaced by ones to a person.
        1. (4) (in IFPRU and in relation to an IFPRU investment firm) has the meaning in article 4(1)(86) of the EU CRR.