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competent authority


      1. (1) (in relation to the functions referred to in Part VI of the Act) the FCA230.
      1. (2) (in relation to 230the exercise of the overseas financial stability information power) a competent authority for the purposes of the UK auctioning regulations or the 252UK provisions which implemented the relevant Single Market Directive230.
      1. (3) (in relation to a group, and for the purposes of SYSC 12 (Group risk systems and controls requirement) and GENPRU260 172172any national authority of the UK230 which is empowered by law or regulation to supervise regulated entities, whether on an individual or group-wide basis.
      1. (4) the authority designated in accordance with regulation 3 of the MiFI Regulations, or by regulation 17 of the DRS Regulations230.211211

    [Note: article 2(18) of MiFIR]

      1. (5) (in REC) in relation to an investment firm or credit institution, means the competent authority in relation to that firm or institution for the purposes of the UK provisions which implemented230 MiFID.
      1. (6) [deleted]194
      1. (7) [deleted]230
      1. (8) [deleted]230(for an AIF) the national authorities of an EEA State which are empowered by law or regulation to supervise AIFs.
      1. (9) [deleted]230
      1. (10) [deleted]260230
      1. (11) in relation to an EU State the authority designated by that EU State in accordance with article 40 of the EU benchmarks regulation; and in relation to a third country which is not an EU State, the supervisory authority which exercises functions equivalent to those exercised by competent authorities in EU States under the EU benchmarks regulation. 225
      1. (12) (in COLL) an authority exercising functions corresponding to the functions referred to in Part VI of the Act under the laws of an EEA State.230