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offer of transferable securities to the public

    (in PR and LR) (as defined in section 102B of the Act), in summary:

      1. (a) a communication to any person which presents sufficient information on:
        1. (i) the transferable securities to be offered, and
        1. (ii) the terms on which they are offered;
        to enable an investor to decide to buy or subscribe for the securities in question;
      1. (b) which is made in any form or by any means;
      1. (c) including the placing of securities through a financial intermediary;
      1. (d) but not including a communication in connection with trading on:
        1. (i) a regulated market;
        1. (ii) a multilateral trading facility; or
        1. (iii) any market prescribed by an order under section 130A of the Act.

    Note: This is only a summary; to see the full text of the definition, readers should consult section 102B of the Act.20