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associated instrument

    22(as defined in Article 2 of the Buy-back and Stabilisation Regulation) any of the following financial instruments (including those which are not admitted to trading on a regulated market, or for which a request for admission to trading on such a market has not been made, provided that the relevant competent authorities have agreed to standards of transparency for transactions in such financial instruments):

      1. (a) contracts or rights to subscribe for, acquire or dispose of relevant securities;
      1. (b) financial derivatives on relevant securities;
      1. (c) where the relevant securities are convertible or exchangeable debt instruments, the securities into which such convertible or exchangeable debt instruments may be converted or exchanged;
      1. (d) instruments which are issued or guaranteed by the issuer or guarantor of the relevant securities and whose market price is likely to materially influence the price of the relevant securities, or vice versa; and
      1. (e) where the relevant securities are securities equivalent to shares, the shares represented by those securities (and any other securities equivalent to those shares).