Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2019-12-09.

capital resources

      1. (1) in relation to a BIPRU firm189, the firm's capital resources as calculated in accordance with the capital resources table; or
      1. (2) (in relation to a CAD investment firm that is an EEA firm and not a BIPRU firm and which is required to meet the capital resources requirements of the CRD implementation measures for its EEA State on an individual basis) capital resources calculated under those CRD implementation measures; or
      1. (3) (for the purposes of GENPRU and BIPRU (except BIPRU 12), in relation to an undertaking not falling within (1) or (2) and subject to (4)), capital resources calculated in accordance with (1) on the assumption that:
        1. (a) it is a BIPRU firm with a Part 4A permission; and
        1. (b) it carries on all its business in the United Kingdom and has obtained whatever permissions for doing so are required under the Act; or
      1. (4) (for the purposes of GENPRU and BIPRU (except BIPRU 12) and in relation to any undertaking not falling within (1) or (2) for which the methodology in (3) does not give an answer whose capital resources a BIPRU firm (the "relevant firm") is required to calculate under a Handbook rule) capital resources calculated under (1) on the assumption that it is a BIPRU firm of the same category as the relevant firm; or173
      1. (5) (for a firm carrying on any home financing connected to regulated mortgage contracts or home financing and home financing administration connected to regulated mortgage contracts) capital resources calculated under MIPRU 4.2.23 R.173