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ancillary risk

    21(in relation to an insurer with permission under the Act to insure a principal risk belonging to one class (as defined for the purposes of INSPRU 37 and SUP) of general insurance business) a risk included in another such class which is:

      1. (a) connected with the principal risk,
      1. (b) concerned with the object which is covered against the principal risk, and
      1. (c) the subject of the same contract insuring the principal risk.

    However, the risks included in classes 14, 15 and 17 may not be treated as risks ancillary to other classes, except that the risk included in class 17 (legal expenses insurance) may be regarded as an ancillary risk of class 18 where:

      1. (d) the conditions laid down in (a) to (c) are fulfilled, and
      1. (e) the principal risk relates solely to assistance provided for persons who fall into difficulties while travelling, while away from home or while away from their permanent residence or where it concerns disputes or risks arising out of, or in connection with, the use of sea-going vessels.