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mixed financial holding company

    132a parent undertaking, other than a regulated entity, which meets the following conditions:40

      1. (a) it, together with its subsidiary undertakings, at least one of which is an UK regulated entity132, and other entities, constitutes a financial conglomerate;40
      1. (b) it has been notified by its coordinator that its group is a financial conglomerate in accordance with Regulation 1(2) of the Financial Groups Directive Regulations132; and40
      1. (c) it has not been notified that its coordinator has agreed not to treat the group as a financial conglomerate where such group, in terms of the tests in GENPRU 3 Annex 4132:8540
        1. (i) does not meet Threshold Test 2 but meets Threshold Test 3; or132
        1. (ii) meets Threshold Test 2 but not Threshold Test 3.132