Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2019-12-09.

transferable security

      1. (1) (in PRR89 and LR) (as defined in section 102A of the Act) anything which is a transferable security for the purposes of 2829 MiFID 28 29 , other than money-market instruments for the purposes of that directive which have a maturity of less than 12 months.18
      1. (2) 18(in COLL37) an investment within COLL 5.2.7 R (37Transferable37 securities)3737 in relation to schemes falling under COLL 5.37
      1. (3) those classes of securities which are negotiable on the capital market, with the exception of instruments of payment, such as:29
        1. (a) shares in companies and other securities equivalent to shares in companies, partnerships or other entities, and depositary receipts in respect of shares;29
        1. (b) bonds or other forms of securitised debt, including depositary receipts in respect of such securities; and29
        1. (c) any other securities giving the right to acquire or sell any such transferable securities or giving rise to a cash settlement determined by reference to transferable securities, currencies, interest rates or yields, commodities or other indices or measures.29
        [Note: article4(1)(44)79 of MiFID]29